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Last additions - Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario presents25 viewsTelevision report on the
escape of Link and Zelda
from the castle of Hyrule
Apr 01, 2008
Dr. Mario presents36 viewsAsh has done a training period
as a doctor in my medical practise.

Ash hat in meiner Arztpraxis
ein Praktikum absolviert.
Apr 01, 2008
Dr. Mario presents24 viewsMe and nurse Peach
(older photography)
Mar 31, 2008
Dr. Mario presents26 viewsInspection of the cathedral of HyruleMar 28, 2008
Dr. Mario presents29 viewsPokémon
"Dr. Mario edition"
Mar 26, 2008
Dr. Mario presents59 viewsTV-News from HyruleMar 12, 2008
Dr. Mario presents33 viewsMario carry Link
(Link and Mario are friends)
Mar 05, 2008
Dr. Mario presents43 viewsThe "real" Dr. Mario!
Mar 04, 2008
This is my revised version of Ash's mastercraftmans license40 viewsThe first has been made by "Don Camillo".
I also had uploaded it on the album fan art.
Feb 24, 2008
This is the revised version of Ash's mastercraftmans license36 viewsThe first has been made by "Don Camillo"Feb 24, 2008
Dr. Mario presents32 viewsMe and Nurse Peach.
We work in the background
of the Pokémon-Center in
Petalburg City and help
Nurse Joy to curing your Pokémon.
Feb 23, 2008
Dr. Mario presents33 viewsLink has become one of my fire flowers,
but it's difficult for him to work with them.

Link hat eine von meinen Super Mario-Feuerblumen
bekommen aber es bereitet ihm Schwierigkeiten
mit ihnen richtig zu arbeiten.
Feb 23, 2008
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