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Wrath of the Wolf Page 358 viewsOutside the PPN castle was Lati's good firend, SecretBySecret, who was a yellow wolf. She looked at Lati who had a pale face.
"My goodness, Lati what happended?" SecretBySecret asked.
"It was mortifying." Lati shrugged. "I think I need a glass of water." then the two wolves walked back to Lati's own site, Lati's Pad, which was a small shack. Inside was an unfinished hall containing members such as a small white homo named Amber, a young, brown haired, suicidal, woman named Jordan, and a little, pink dinosaur named Birdo_Eee. There were other PPN users that lost hope during the Wars. Everyone looks where Lati and SbyS have entered and wanted to ask questions.
"So Lati, what is PPN like today?" asked Amber.
"PPN isn't going as well and those n00bs that are running it are now trying to make it good again." Lati answered with her face not pale anymore.
"And what about Deux?" asked a user named Devil_Noke.
"Deus, you ask, has failed to kill F29. But that doesn't matter now because F29 is gone now." SecretBySecret answered.
"Deus didn't kill F29, why?" questioned Jordan.
"Because Deus forgot his mission to kill F29 in April of 2008 when he fell in love with that wierdo, Winona." Lati answered. Everyone had waited for that answer since they couldn't go back to PPN since they've feared that the Wars were not over. And now that they've learned this, their faces showed disappointment.
"Well, I guess that settles it." exlaimed Devil "We'll just have to get use to hanging out here in this broken down, one horse, polluted water shack."
"Oh no we're not!" Yelled Lati.
"What?" Jordan asked. Jordan nor everyone on Lati's Pad heard her give such a yell.
"We're not staying here forever! I say we take Pokemon Palace Network back as our own place!" Lati added. Everyone never knew she would even speak of that, even on her own site.
"Why do you say that?" asked SecretBySecret.
"Because...." Lati answered and cutted off into song.
♪I remember a time
When PPN sublimed
There was plenty of loot in the lair♪

♪We'd plunder and pillage
And ransack some n00bs
With nary a worry or care♪

♪Then along came the Wars
And those n00bs volunteered
But what did we get in the end,♪

♪So rally the troops!
We were meant to regroup
And return to our roots once again!♪

♪Are you in or out?♪
Gotta know without a doubt
I'm the one you need for a dirty deed
I'm the best, success is guaranteed
♪Are you men or mice?♪
Take a slice of my advice!
You want a fearless leader, one that's strong and stout?
Better vote for me
♪Are you in or out?♪
"Hey, you know Lati's right!" explained Devil
Other Users:
♪We used to be smart, yes,
Horrendously heartless
In ravaging raids, we were rough♪

♪We knew what we had
To be blissfully bad;
Then those brats gaved us sensitive stuff!♪

♪And we strayed from the path
Of our rigorous wrath;
Now we're taking a bath in the dust!♪

♪But we'll reclaim our winnings,
Our humble beginnings,
In turmoil and torture we trust!♪
♪Are you in or out?♪
♪Double-crossers or devout?
Put your faith in me,
Pretty soon you'll see
I'm the princess of generosity♪
Other Users:
♪Are you foe or friend?♪
♪Here's the path I recommend
You want a ride to fame?
I've got the fastest route;
What's it gonna be?♪
♪Are you in or out?♪

♪We'll go trolling in all the right places,♪
♪From Agrabah dunes to Bali♪
♪Imagine the fear on their faces♪
♪When we drop by for cookies and tea♪

Come along, everyone!
Follow me!
Other Users:
♪Are you in or out?♪
♪If you're with me, give a shout (YAY!)
I'll lead you all the way,
Into the glory days♪
♪We'll begin a life of crime that pays♪
♪Are you out or in?♪
Make your choice now, sink or swim!♪
♪You can stick with me, or stay behind and pout♪
Other Users:
♪What's it gonna be?♪
♪Consider carefully.♪
♪Are you in or out? ♪
Aug 11, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf Page 2104 viewsThe crowd cheered with a thunderous applause, 3 seats on the other side of the room were filled with new people.
"Oh, what do we have here?" Shin asked carrying a microphone. He walked down the stage to greet the new comers. "Hello people, what would your names be?" The first one was a young man with brown and gold hair with a T-shirt with a cute girl on it "I'm GIRmaniac124, I like Anime, bleedman, food, and girls".
"So do I" added CharizardMaster in a distance. The next person was like GIRmaniaz124 but with darker hair and wear a shirt with Bubbles kissing Mac with Bloo jaw dropping "My name's Irakaxe and I support Bubbles and Mac". Shin turned to the last person at the table who was a little blue bird.
"I'm CuteArticuno, I just love listening to music."
"There you have it folks, PPN has got 3 new people with just one song!" Shin said to the audience. "Up next, we have I've got you under my skin by Cole Porter & Nelson Riddle!". The audience applauded to that choice.
"I can't believe this." Chris said to everyone at his table. "Pop music is making PPN great again, nothing's going to stop us!" Then the doors opened with a peculiar long time user that lost hope during the wars, LatiDog.
"What is going on in here?" Lati asked to everyone.
"Were having a pop music night to make PPN very popular once again." answered CharizardMaster. Lati couldn't believe what she heard, then jumped onto the stage and took a microphone.
"Why do you people even bother showing up here if this place isn't getting more people?" Lati questioned demandingly to the audience, no one answered. "I thought so, so just let it go. My god. Most people are in high school, they have no time for this childish site .Well, it's suposed to be childish. it really isn't when the mods allow porno to get uploaded, so, yeah."
"Hey, I don't allow such digusting things like that here!" Shin stated.
"Oh, and you must be the webmaster. Well sorry" Lati said sarcasticly. " My point it, even if they still do like pokemon. They've moved on to other sites. Do the same! Geez!" No one answered, the cricket was giving it's sound in the background. Then someone from the audience threw a rotten tomatoe at Lati, it was CharizardMaster.
"We will NEVER leave here! We don't care what you think!" the enraged charizard yelled.
"Yeah, LatiDumby!" added Flannery giving Lati a middle finger. Then the audience gave a laugh for finding it funny.
"Oh that is rich, LatiLoser!" said Pixelwizz with a hint of comedy. The audience laughed even harder, even Deux founded it hilarious.
"Oh wow, you people are SO creative." Lati said contradicting. "That is why people don't come here. You n00bs take ONE comment and then "hate" the person that made it. Just because, even though I'm a fan of Flannery, I say this site doesn't need 100 freaking pics of her."
"Hey wait a minute!" exclamated the Angry Video Game Nerd "If she's a fan of Flannery right here" pointing to Flannery, "then why do you say that the pics were annoying?"
"Some of the SAME exact moment, but a different second." Lati answered.
"What does that mean?" asked Deux. Lati then twitched at Deux's question.
"The bottom line is: This gallery's got to have a limit, but no, F29 had to upload 100 pics of the same freaking person in the same instance 50 times, and then switch episodes and so the same thing."
"But on PPN, there are no limits." Shin added. "And what did you mean by that last part?" he asked. Lati couldn't even believe what Shin asked, then blood came out of her nose for no apparent reason.
"I hate you all, so much, that I want to kill everyone of you." Lati said in a low tone of voice, then dropped the microphone and walked off the stage, then left the castle.
"What's her problem?" asked GIRmaniaz124.
"Bahh, she doesn't know jack sh*t." answered Flannery.
Aug 06, 2009
PPN Chronicles 2009: Wrath of the Wolf Poster101 viewsThis here is a poster to the first installment of the PPN Chronicles of 2009 trilogy.Aug 05, 2009
my Pkmn OC: Seth68 viewsWhen people looked at my DeviantART gallery, there's a folder saying "Pokemon OC" that hasn't had a deviation, until now. Everyone, meet my original characer, Seth! One day I'll get his basic bio up soon.
Seth is owned by me.
FireRed pose by nitendo.
Jul 31, 2009
Arceus creating in HeartGold and SoulSilver222 viewsJul 23, 2009
The red Gyrados in HeartGold and SoulSilver83 viewsJul 23, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf Page 175 viewsThe date is March 6th, 2009, there is a reign of prosperity on the plains with a standard castle known as Pokemon Palace Network. Yet PPN was at peace, the number of people has drop during the wars that occur long ago. On the site of PPN the webmaster, Shin Goji, was playing poker with Deux, Kan, Pixelwizz, and CharizardMaster.
"Got any 4's?" Deus asked with. Everyone looked at their cards.
"Go fish." answered CharizardMaster. Deus dug into the pile for a card. Pixelwizz was thinking about what PPN has been over the last few months.
"Guys, have you ever notice that PPN hasn't been as populated as it used to be?" Pixelwizz asked. Everyone who listened wondered about it, then looked at one another. Shin gave an answer, "Yes Pixelwizz, I've notice. Ever since the War's ended."
"I've noticed it too." said an unfortunate user by the name of Chris. "So what should we do about it to bring PPN glory back?". Everyone thought of ideas. CharizardMaster came up, "We can try to bomb some dodongos.", nobody replied with the sound of crickets in the background.
"I got it!" Chris said with confidence. "We can have a pop nght!". Shin thought it was a great idea, "You know your excatly right, people who want to drink soda would come to PPN!"
"No!" Chris added. "I meant pop music".
"Sorry, my bad." Shin said putting away his boxes of soda.
"You know, pop music can so do it!" Deus said agreeing with Chris. Then CharizardMaster and Pixelwizz nodded with the idea, Kansaibou threw away the cards and joined in, "Alright, let's do it!".
* * *
Later that afternoon, everyone setted up tables with white covers over them and chairs underneath them. All of them were capable of seeing the stage that is covered with the red curtin. Behind the curtin were Shin, Deus, CharizardMaster and Kan. Deux and Kansaibou had collars on since they were going to perform first. Shin looked throught the curtins and saw that tables were filled, on one side of the room, with the Angry German Kid, the Angry Video Game Nerd, Floating_sushi, Spice-central, Dr. Mario, Pixelwizz, Flannery, Boltia, Winona and Chris. On the other side of the room were tables reserved for people who want to stop on by and listen, or register. After a moment of silence, the curtins opened.
"Thank you for coming out this lovely afternoon, I'm Webmaster Shin-Goji, so you must of heard of me." Shin announced with a microphone. "First up, we have Phantom_Kansaibou and Deus EX Machyna with "The second time around" by Frank Sinatra Jr."
♪ Love is lovelier, the second time around ♪
♪ Just as wonderful with both feet on the ground ♪
Deus and Kansaibou
♪ Who can say what brought us to this miracle we found? ♪
♪ There are those who'd bet... ♪
♪ Love comes but once, and yet... ♪
Deus and Kansaibou
♪ I'm oh so glad we met ♪ ♪ The second time around ♪
Jul 06, 2009
Poker Table34 viewswith Buckeye Brutus XDJul 02, 2009
Emperor Quintana unhooded45 viewsQuintana unhooded himself to Shin right before the emporers departure from Earth in 2008. This proves Quintana is not a sideous ripoff. CHECKMATE sideous ripoffist!Jun 29, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf Prologue93 viewsIt has been been many months ever since Mr. Lolz and his followers were defeated, many months ever since Shin became webmaster, many months ever since F29 left. The War's were won, but PPN was not going as well as it used to. For much users left to stay out of the fighting nor left because they lost hope, and this is where our story continues.Jun 29, 2009
CharizardMaster's human forme136 viewsCharizardMaster achieved this forme when F29 gave him an elixer in 2008. After drinking it, he transformed into a human, proofing he was innocent when WhiteDragon accused him of Poke-Beastility.

Checkmate Beastilityist!
Jun 21, 2009
Power levels66 viewsIn the Chronicles of PPN, like DBZ, every character has a power level. Power levels are what determine a characters strength. I'll start with the main characters and move on to others.Jun 21, 2009
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