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Wrath of the Wolf page 1134 viewsMeanwhile, the six fugitives have landed in London, Great Britain.
“Now all we have to do is to find Luke,” said Kansaibou. They others agree and they set out to the city. Behind them not to far was Krokodyle-man trying to pick up their scent. Then his communicator gave its ringtone. The croc answered it.
“Yes, Webmaster,” said the croc.
“Krokodyle-man, we have a problem,” replied Lati.
“What is it?”
“The n00bs that were here are gone now,”
“And why is that a concern?”
“Because who knows what they can be doing?”
“Maybe they left because they wanted to move on to better sites,”
“Maybe, but there’s got to be another reason,”
Krokodyle-man soon got that off his mind and focused on his mission, “Any whom, I’ve seemed to arrive in London, Great Britain,”
“Great Britain? Why would those six n00bs go there?”
“I don’t know, but I’ll still stick to my mission,”
“Good, see ya,” then Lati turned off her communicator.
Later, the groups of fugitives led by Kan are still on the search for the Atmey house. Kan held out a postcard that Luke sent them during the holidays.
“His house has got to be a few blocks down,” Kan said reading address and looking at the house numbers. Then appeared a house that had the same number as the one in the address, 142.
“Here it is!” pointed CharizardMaster.
“Finally we made it,” said Flannery hugging him. Kan walked up to the door and gave it a few knocks. A few moments later, the door open showing their o’ pal.
“Zvarri! My very good friends coming to see me I see,” the good man rhymed. “Please, don’t come in, zvarri!”
The six walked into the house and made their selves at home. Inside, the house smelled like ginger and gave a jolly feeling.
“Please, do sit down around the fire and I’ll make some tea, zvarri!” Luke insisted in the kitchen. The group agreed and sat down on a long sofa. LukeAtmey came out carrying shining tray with 7 glasses of green tea. He landed the tray on the coffee table and sat down in his own arm chair.
“So do tell me, what brings you here? Zvarri!” Luke asked leaned forward with his hand on his chin.
“What didn’t have any other option,” said Pixelwizz.
“Do you know LatiDog that used to go to PPN?” asked Deux.
“Zvarri! LatiDog?” Luke wondered. “Hmmm, isn’t she the whining mutt that gave that , out of nowhere, comment about those pictures of Miss Flannery Blaze here?”
“Oh yes, that’s her,” Flannery answered.
“That’s why we came here, Lati has taken over PPN,” added CharizardMaster. This made Luke spit out the tea in his mouth and coughed.
“Zvarri! Pokemon Palace Network taken over by a dog!” the ace detective said. “That is very farfetched!”
“Yes, it does sound unbelievable, but it’s true,” said Boltia. “Shin wasn’t able to defeat her, even in his Vengeance State!”
“So we came and we need your help,” said Deux.
“Zvarri! Very well then, I’ll assist you in your little rebellion,” Luke said. Then there were loud knocks on the door. Pixelwizz walked to the window and saw that it was Krokodyle-man.
“Uh-oh! It’s the croc from the freeway!” the pixilated wizard said in fright. This made the other fugitives jump and afraid.
Nov 23, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf page 1073 views The sun was now setting on the horizon turning the sky to the skin of an orange. Outside the castle under new management, were Stewie, the Angry Video Game Nerd, and the other four elementals sitting around a fire.
“I’m sick of following Lati’s orders,” Stewie said in pout “they’re unfair and just stupid,”
“I hear you, my friend,” replied Volnix.
“Just how can they seize Dr. Mario like that? He had the right to speak his mind against the Webmaster’s statement!” the nerd protested. Stewie sighed and looked at the lightened ground.
“It’s like she’s ruining this place for us,” the baby said. “Maybe what she said the other night was true. Maybe we are to move on to other sites,”
“Now that is not true,” said a voice coming to join them, they turned and saw that it was Shin-Goji.
“Good evening, Webmaster,” Acroqua said. The other’s eyes widened and got Acroqua to shush. Calling anyone ‘Webmaster’ was considered blasphemy and was to be punished by whipping. But Acroqua still showed loyalty to Shin even though he wasn’t Webmaster. This was something that they wanted the others to follow.
“Don’t worry friends. Lati won’t be able to listen up on us from here,” Shin said sitting on a log next to Acroqua. “This place was up even before anyone of you came, so why should we listen to someone else’s thoughts about it?” Shin asked. “Is it because that person claims to be more mature?”
The others looked at each over for answers, but none came out.
“Well it is true that everyone grows up at some point. But do you know what else is true? That doesn’t mean you don’t have to all boring forever,” this made Stewie and AVGN put a smile on their faces. “Surely you’ll grow up one day, but there’s one thing that will stay with you forever, your memories of this place. Pokemon Palace Network, one of the best know places on Earth where you can get your info on Pkmn stuff, a holy ground to anyone, and a great place to relax in nostalgia. And that, my friends, is a place worth fighting for,” now everyone who heard Shin’s words gave a smile of loyalty.
“Okay, Webmaster, what’s your plan?” asked Stewie. Shin looked around to see if there were spies or spying devices, but there weren’t.
“Here’s the plan, we’ll go down to the dungeons and there’s a secret door that leads to the outside,” shin instructed.
“Wait,” Volnix added. “There is a secret door in the dungeons?” This question got the others attention.
“No body knows about it, because I know some things that many don’t,” Shin said. Everyone thought that was an acceptable answer.
Then sirens gave their sounds notifying that the day was over.
“It is 8 o’clock pm. Time for bed!” Lati instructed in a microphone. Everyone was required to be sent to bed at a certain hour since Lati became Webmaster.
“We’ll escape once its midnight,” Shin said giving the plan.
“Yes, Webmaster,” replied everyone.
. . .
The clock struck twelve, giving twelve chimes at a low tone. Only the light of the moon gave the castle its light. In the almost darkened hallway were Shin, the Elementals, the AVGN, the other newcomers and Stewie carrying a ray gun. Goji looked to see if there were guards or security cameras, but there was only Amber monitoring the hall. Amber still had the remote to the ring on Shin’s head.
“Stewie, set your gun to stun,” Shin whispered to the infant. Then Stewie took a look at Amber to see her back. Once she turned her back to her post, Stewie shot a silent lime green ray of light at her, and Amber fell to the ground.
“Okay, let’s move,” Acroqua said. Shin took the remote from Amber’s ice cold motionless hand. Now that Shin had it, he can get the ring off. But there was a problem, the remote was out of energy. This made Shin curse, then returned to the group.
Then they stumbled upon the door to the dungeons, Ravnosphere was an expert at unlocking locked doors without a key. The atmosphere pokemon stuck a hair pin into the lock and after a few jiggles, the door made a sound that indicated that it was open. In the dungeons were Dr. Mario, Chris and a few others that tried to speak against Lati’s rules. The light of Shin’s dorsal shattered the darkness. Shin then took out a torch and exhaled on it giving it a fire that shattered more darkness. The bright light made the other’s cover their eyes till they got use to it. It also made the ones shackled to the wall wake up.
“Don’t worry. Were gonna help you,” shin said. Then Ravnosphere gave everyone a hair pin to unlock the shackles. Once they were loosened, the prisoners were free.
“Thanks for helping us,” Chris thanking the others for their mercy.
“Okay Shin, where’s that secret door that only you know?” asked Herbipede. Shin then walked to stair case where they walked in and turned to the left.
“Macaroni and cheese, and mustard,” Shin said to the wall and opened his palms. Then the wall descended to the floor and revealed a door. The others looked with wide eyes. This phenomenon was farfetched to them.
“Well, now you know,” Shin said to the wide eyed observers. Then they shook their heads and followed Shin through the secret door, and it closed behind them. Beyond the door was long dark tunnel, only the lightened torch revealed light in the pitch black.
“So how did you figure that whole secret door thing?” asked the Angry Video Game Nerd.
“F29 told me about it,” Shin answered. “He said that you can use it to get sneak up on our enemies interior,”
After a few minutes of walking, they saw another door, but this one was made of metal. Shin went up to it and said “PB and J in a little bowl,” . Then the metal door opened and revealed a staircase going up. Once they reached the top of the stairs, there was another door but this one had no lock. Shin opened it and fresh air touched their faces and the moonlight was upon them.
“We did it, were free!” Acroqua shouted out with glee. Behind them was the castle that they have to save. Shin looked at the castle of PPN and figured what they have to do.
“So now what do we do?” asked Stewie.
“Now we have to find F29 and get his help,” Shin answered. “And once we do, we’ll go back and take back our site,”
“Only one question,” said Volnix. “Where did he go when he left?”
“Before F29 came to PPN, he used to be on Serebii. So I bet that he went back there,” . Everyone liked the idea.
“And maybe, F29 can help you get that ring off. Then we can defeat Lati,” said Herbipede.
“Yes, maybe he can,” Shin replied. Then the group set out to Serebii.
Nov 23, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf page 941 views The next day, the six refugees and Birdo_Eee have reached a freeway.
“This is it, the freeway that leads to an airport.” B_Eee says. The ascending road displayed numerous cars moving at fast speed.
“Only one problem” stated Kan. “Which direction is to the airport?” that question gave some confusion. They searched for a sign that said where the airport would be. Then Pixelwizz spotted it, the airport was west from where they were at.
“Okay, we just have to follow the road west then we be at the airport in a few hours.” Said Deus.
“Or can we get there by car?” asked Flannery. Everyone started to agree.
“I’m afraid that can’t happen.” said a murky voice. Everyone startled and turned to see that it was Krokodyle-Man. “By the order of Webmaster, LatiDog, you six are under arrest. Thanks for the help, B_Eee.”
“No, I am not helping you or Lati.” Said Birdo_Eee. “These guys didn’t do anything to deserved this.”. Krokodyle-Man now founded B_Eee to be guilty of treason.
“You have the nuts to defy your webmaster, or her bounty hunter. So you’ll be under arrest too.” Said the crocodile. Meanwhile, Boltia spotted a pulled over car that they can use. Out of the blue, he took out a little mirror and shines the light to Krokodyle-Man’s eyes, blinding him.
“Quick, follow me to that car!” Boltia yelled getting the others to follow him. Birdo_Eee stood behind.
“Hey Birdo, aren’t you coming?” asked CharizardMaster.
“No, I’ll buy you some time. Good luck.” Replied B_Eee.
“C’mon, let’s go.” Said Kan. Then the six made a break for it to the car. Deux observed the car.
“This is Rush Limbaugh’s car.” Deux said.
“So what. Were trying to elude someone, not drive him to soccer practice,” Said Kan.
“Quick get it!” exclaimed Boltia opening the driver’s door and jumping into the seat. Everyone get into the car and shut the doors quickly. Boltia was having issues trying to start it.
“Oh just let me do it!” Flannery said climbing into the driver’s seat hijacking the car wires to activate the engine. Miraculously, the car was on and Flannery floored the gas pedal sending the automobile at a great speed. Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh was walking up to where his car was and saw that it was gone.
“SON OF A B***CH!” yelled the political commentator.
In the stolen car, the people in the back saw that Krokodyle-man was not in sight.
“I think he’s gone,” said Deux. Everyone gave a sigh of relief. Then they heard something land on top of the car, it was the croc.
“I got you now!” said Krokodyle-man. Then the car began to twist and turn out of control because the driver, Flannery, was getting stressed out. This caused the croc to lose his grip on the roof of the car. Then Krokodyle-man finally let go and landed onto the freeway regaining his balance. He knew he had a job to do, so he began to sprint after the fugitives. Pixelwizz looked into a car mirror saying “OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR” and eyepoppingly saw Krokodyle-man sprinter to them opening his jaws. The little wizard then put the window down and formed a pixilated boxing glove.
“Ha, don’t make me laugh!” said the croc sprinting after the car. Pixelwizz levitated the glove and punched Krokodyle-man in the eye as a boxer would. The croc then lost balance and was looking much small as the fugitives drove away.
“It looks like we lost him for sure,” said Deux. But he was wrong. The croc was jumping over cars to catch them. Deus looked forward and saw something that can help. And in surprise he saw a road sign above the freeway meters head.
“Flannery, keep driving!” Deux instructed climbing to the roof the car. The croc was getting closer. “Ha ha, you can’t catch us!” said Deux taunting Krokodyle-man.
Krokodyle-Man replied “Oh don’t bet on it you little…” but was cut off when he jumped right into the street sign Deux wanted him to hit.
“U FALED!!!” Flannery yelled with one hand on the wheel and giving Krokodyle-man the middle finger with the other.
. . .
Finally they reached the airport, with the plane that was about to take off. They didn’t have tickets, so they had to sneak into the cargo hold. The group hid behind a pile of boxes waiting for the right moment to sneak. Now was their chance.
“Quick, let’s go,” CharizardMaster said. Then the six went onto the ramp and into the cargo hold.
“Perfect, now it’s just smooth flying to Great Britain,” Boltia said stretching his arms to rest. After a few minutes the plane began to take off. But Krokodyle-man was hanging on to the planes front leg as it was going into the plane and taking off. When the bottom the door closed, the croc took out a communicator to contact Lati.
“Webmaster, I am on hold with the fugitives on a plane going somewhere. But it appears to be going east,” said the croc.
“Good, and once you got them, bring them to me,” replied Lati sitting in her office. Then Shin walked in holding a tray of tea.
“Here’s your tea, your highness,” Goji said sarcastically looking away from her. Lati said nothing and took the cut and sipped the tea.
Nov 04, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf Page 864 views Meanwhile, the 6 fugitives were still on the run. Boltia was in front of them thinking of what help to get. They couldn’t call upon Leviathan’s wrath because Shin wasn’t with them. Nor can they fight back, because Lati and the others were stronger than them, even with Deus’s NeoDammerus form. They could not get assistants from Neo Monster Island, since they can’t get there by boat, Elvis’s motorcycle, or by plane. Quintana wasn’t with them since he left a long time ago, so did F29. What or who else could help them fight back?
After minutes of running away, they came to a stop by a tree to rest in the shade. Each one of them was thinking of what just happened, PPN being taken over by LatiDog, and no one else to think of to get help. After a breathier, CharizardMaster had an idea.
“Hey guys, I know who we can get help from!” he said to everyone in the shade.
“Who?” they asked.
“We can ask LukeAtmey for help.”
Everyone thought it was a great idea. LukeAtmey was first a bad guy to our heroes, but then decided to join the good guys when his lust was taken by Shin’s soul in 2008. Plus, Luke is a smart man, he would know what to do in this type of situation. During the holiday season, Luke went to his family’s home in London, Great Britain. And he still is until March 21st.
“Great idea, CharizardMaster!” said Kan.
“So all we have to do is get to London.” said Pixelwizz. “This shouldn’t be a problem at all”.
“I can help you get to London.” said a mysterious voice. The fugitives looked around and saw that it was Birdo_Eee. Birdo_Eee stood in the sunlight with a face that tells the 6 that they can trust him.
“Okay.” Kan said trying to gain his trust. CharizardMaster on the other hand had a feeling of distrust.
“Wait a second!”C-Master proclaimed. “Just how can we trust this guy? What if he’s working of Lati and bent on capturing us?” he asked trying to get the others to agree with him.
“Well my friend, I am a member of Lati’s Pad, and I sing along with her. But I would never join her in such hostiles.” B_Eee said. CharizardMaster was now receiving the feeling of trust and understanding. Birdo_Eee then said “There’s a rest stop on the road just a few miles from here. We should start moving now before sunset.”. The others insisted on the idea, and they followed him.
Meanwhile back at PPN, Lati was prepared for her new set of laws on the website. The users stood before her with faces of resentment. In front of Lati were Amber and SecretBySecret, for protect incase of assassination. Lati then read from her sheet of laws “From this day forward, all pictures that wish to be uploaded will be reviewed under my approval!”. The users founded it Okay since that law was already in effect since PPNSteve’s and Shin’s reign. “But, any picture that has to do with Flannery, any picture made on MS paint, and/or anything n00bish to me will not be uploaded!”. That was when the crowd realized that anything n00bish to Lati is what a great majority of them like. And then they started to disagree with shouts.
“Order, order!” protested Lati’s guards. Lati then continued on her new laws.
“Now about the comments. Anyone who posts a comment that has nothing to do with the artwork or picture will have their comment deleted.”
Then the audience had a thought, Lati and her friends chat on pictures that don’t associate with the pic at all.
“Wait a minute!” expressed Dr. Mario. “You chat on pics too, so why not us?!”
Then suddenly two guards grabbed Dr. Mario by the arms and dragged him to the dungeon. Dr. Mario yelled “What the hell are you doing, I have the freedom of speech you unconstitutional bastards!”. But the guards still dragged him.
The crowd then went into an uproar by the unconstitutional act. The guards then came into the scene to calm down the crowd. Lati founded this entertaining while, sitting next to her, Shin founded it as an outrage. Shin still bared the ring around his head that prevented him from using his powers. He hoped that one day the ring will come off and he’ll overthrow Lati. But he’s going to have to wait.
Oct 04, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf page 769 views“Ha, I win!” Lati proclaimed with victory. Then an object shaped like a ring locked on to Shin’s head.
“What is that? What are you doing to him?” Kan asked.
“This here is a ring that prevents the user to power up and transform, as seen on DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaiichi 3.” Amber answered.
“Gay.” Shin moaned. Amber then took out a remote and pressed a button, Shin suddenly was shocked with electricity.
“DBZ BT3 is not gay, you n00b!” Amber shouted.
“I meant the ring, you homo.” Goji replied. Then he was shocked again.
“Stop this madness, right now!” Flannery shouted.
“Yeah!” CharizardMaster added standing with her. Then Kan, Boltia, Pixelwizz, and Deux stood showing their determination to fight back.
Shin got on his feet and looked at his 6 friends.
“Guys, run away.” He said. The six looked with doubt.
“Run?” Boltia questioned. “But Shin, we…”
“Run away, and find help.” Shin said again. Boltia knew what Goji wants them to do, so he left the castle as the other 5 followed him.
“Very well then, send these n00bs to the dungeons. Except for Shin-Goji.” She commanded. Lati’s men then took the PPN users under arrest and Shin left with Lati.
“Your little website belongs to me now, and you’re my little servant now.” Lati said. “First order, clean out my galleries.”
“But why?” Shin asked. “Your galleries have such a history.”
“Are you question your webmaster?!” Lati asked with fury. Shin then did what she said. Lati went up to Krokodyle-Man who was impress with Lati’s reign so far.
“What about those 6 that got away?” he asked.
“I have a business to do with them, so you’re going to capture them and bring them to me.” LatiDog answered.
“I can’t, my legs broken.” The crocodile said showing his broken leg. Lati examined it, and then licked it. Suddenly, Krokodyle-Man got on his feet without falling down again, his leg was healed.
“Now you can.” Lati said.
“As you wish, Webmaster LatiDog.” Krokodyle-Man said. The croc then sprinted out of the castle to find Flannery and the other 6.
“SbyS and Amber! Front deck center!” Lati commanded. SecretBySecret and Amber came to Lati’s presence.
“Yes, your majesty?” they asked.
“We have a lot of work to do, so follow me to the webmasters room.” Lati Commanded.
Sep 28, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf page 669 views“It looks like he’s surrendering, so that means we win!” CharizardMaster said with pride.
“Hm...nope, you haven't won this battle because I’m not dead. Sorry your little victory can't become a reality.” Said LatiDog entering the fight scene.
“Sheesh, Lati, why are you doing this?” asked Deux.
“I’m doing this because it is for the good of this place.” answered the wolf. “So I’m going to take back this place and kill all of you n00bs.”
Shin did not tolerate such a reason why to fight, so he stood up to Lati face to face.
“If you want my site, then you’ll have to face me.” Shin said prepared to fight. Lati accepted Shin’s challenge. The two stepped back 3 steps and got into fighting position. They stood in their poses as the sound of swords hitting other swords was heard. Deux, C-Master, and Kan were ready to back up Shin if he needs help. Joining the three watchers were Flannery, Boltia, Pixelwizz, Dr. Mario, and Lati’s forces stood to watch the fight. After seconds of anticipating wanting of Vengeance-Goji and LatiDog to fight, the two charged at one another in matrix style. Then their fangs, claws, punches, kicks, and blast of ki shot at each other. After seconds of violence, Goji punched Lati in the face as Lati did the same to Shin with her paw. Then they flew away each other in opposite directions. Shin landed on his feet as Lati crashed into a wall.
“Your really good Lati.” Shin said. Lati heard Shin’s compliment as she regained herself.
“Well FYI, so are you.” Lati replied. Then the wolf powered up, taking her strength to a new level. Shin did so too. Then they flew into each other with great speed. At the point of collision, a great outburst of energy exploded in all directions. As the energy cleared, Shin and Lati are still at a clash. Lati charged at Shin, but missed.
“She’s really impressive,” Shin thought to himself panting. Lati was panting too, but said to herself “How can this be? No matter how much I power up, this idiot is always even to me?!”
“You something Lati,” Shin said attempting to prove a point “If you are so strong, how come you didn’t help us when PPN was invaded?” he asked.
“Because, n00b, I don’t like to fight!” Lati answered.
“Well you’re fighting right now.” Shin stated.
“And that is because of you, and your n00bish followers, or friends!”
“But this has nothing to do with my friends, even Flannery!” Shin responded pointing to her as the people around her step away. “She did nothing wrong to you!”
“Yes she, she burned me with her Vulpix, remember!” Lati replied with anger.
“Well that’s because you shot first!” Shin pointed.
“And that’s because F29 had to posted 100 f**king pictures of that sl**ty b**ch!” Lati replied again. Everyone was astonished at Lati, she said three bad words in the same sentence. “Let us this childish game!”
Shin insisted and they clashed once more. Every hit of the claws, teeth, kicks, and punches gave off waves of power that felt like strong winds. Everyone watching was feeling the powerful waves. When the two backed away, Shin fired his Vengeance Beam as Lati fired her LatiBeam. The two beams collided forming a beam lock. Then they beams exploded giving out clouds of smoke. When the smoke cleared, Shin and Lati are left panting and exhausted. Seconds passed, they both regained their stance. Then Shin reverted back his normal form as Lati did the same with her power. But Shin fell to the ground, Lati has won.
Sep 19, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf page 570 views “For war?” Kan asked “with whom?” Shin gave Kan the telescope and he looked into it.
“Lati, I thought she didn’t care about this place.” Kan said with confusion.
“That doesn’t matter, right now we have to defend ourselves!” Shin stated. “As I said, prepare for war!” then everyone on the roof headed to their battle positions.
“Boltia, where’s that catapult Acroqua and Herbipede made last year?” Shin asked his old confidant, Boltia.
“Yes we do.” the little lightning pokemon said. Then he, Acroqua, Volnix and Ravnosphere pushed the catapult to the edge and halted. Herbipede was in the cup of the catapult was mellow for battle.
“Go on, fire away at the enemy!” Herbipede stated with a strong warrior like tone. The other elementals then pulled the rope that pulls the cup of the catapult back as far as it can go and liberated the rope. Herbipede glided through the air at brisk speed toward Lati’s army.
“Look out, a giant piece of celery is heading right towards us!” yelled Devil.
“Really, I think it looks like your mom.” stated Yourmomadon.
“Hey!” exclaimed SecretBySecret. “That’s not…” but she was interrupted when Herbipede landed right on top of Yourmomadon.
“Do I really look like someone’s mother?” asked Herbipede. Nobody answered.
“Okay then, why are you here?” he asked again.
“Because our great leader, Lati, ordered us to invade your obscure place and call it her own!” Answered someone in the back line. The line moves like a curtain to reveal a crocodilian on two legs wearing a rag.
“I’m Krokodyle-man, and don’t forget you meme butchering B*tch” the mean crocodile said. At the castle, Shin saw what was going on in binoculars and saw that a fight was going on. Then he saw Krokodyle-man beat Herbipede to a pulp and threw him back on top of the castle, next to Shin.
“We’re gonna need bigger guns” Shin said to himself. “Everyone, focus your fire power on that gator!”
“I’M A F*CKING CROC!” hollered Krokodyle-man since he has a very keen sense of hearing. Krokodyle-Man sprinted toward the castle like an Olympic sprinter who got a gold medal. The castle forces then shot marshmallows, tomatoes, banana peels and French fry oil at the fast moving croc but just about all of them missed. Then the croc closing in on the castle draw bridge prepared his shoulder in attempt to break it down for Lati’s forces.
“Kill him!” Shin ordered. “Kill him now!” CharizardMaster, Kansaibou and Deux held Uzis in their hands trying to shoot the croc. The bullets missed and the croc was just about ten feet away from the door. Then, in a solemn moment, the croc barged right through the door and gave a roar in victory.
“Ah, sh*t!” Goji yelled. “Looks like it’s up to me.” So Shin went down the stairs to face the croc. Down below, Krokodyle-man was beating up anyone who tried their best to face him, yet not of them succeeded in defeating him. Then the croc saw Shin who was ready to fight.
“Well well, isn’t it the webmaster of this dump. Or it won’t be a dump when Lati rules it.” Krokodyle-man said. Shin didn’t say a word and then transformed into his Vengeance State.
“I have to say, your power level has increased dramatically, but it won’t be enough for me.” The croc added and charged right at him. But Shin jumped up and kicked Krokodyle-man in the mandible and tail slapped him to his right sending the croc flying to the wall. Joining the fight was Deus, Kan and CharizardMaster. Deus sided with Shin while the other two went to fix the door. Krokodyle-man got up wiping the blood off his chin with his arm.
“That is some power got there.” he said. “But I can do better!” Then he pounded the ground with his fist sending powerful shockwaves towards his opponents. The two jumped up avoiding the shockwaves. Deus took out his sword and sent a wave of dark energy towards Krokodyle-man. The croc grabbed the dark wave pushing it way as the wave itself was moving towards him, then the wave exploded. As the smoke cleared, Deus leaped towards Krokodyle-man delivering him a blow with a bleak.
“Take that you stupid bat with pingas for wings!” Deus yelled in a tone of victory.
“Gahhh, that’s two memes butchered!” Krokodyle-man hollered. “I hate it when you children get on 4Chan!”
“What’s 4Chan?” Shin said as he wondered. Krokodyle-man twitched and charged right at him with great force. But Goji deflected him with a kick in the shin, there was a sound of bones breaking when it hit. Then the croc gave a cry of pain and dropped to the floor, crawling to the wall to rest.
Sep 19, 2009
Dawn VERY VERY mad111 viewsShe's really mad about something.Sep 19, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf page 499 views “Great singing everyone.” said Lati. Everyone enjoyed singing the song, yet one of them did love to sing but did not want to take back Pokémon Palace Network, that user was Birdo_Eee. B_Eee thought of it for a moment and came up to LatiDog.
“Lati, why do we have to fight?” asked Birdo_Eee.
“Because fighting is in our blood, right Devil” answered Lati turning to Devil.
“Yeah, we n00b-PWNers love to fight for our causes!” explained Devil.
“But what if we try talking to them” Birdo_Eee suggested. “Be their friends and learn to get along on the same site.”
“No!” Lati shouted at the pink dino. “We do not make friends with our enemies, besides when we take ownership of PPN, first thing I will do is enslave those n00bs and if they refuse, they’ll be put to death!” those who heard Lati’s shout gave a shout of agreement, except Birdo_Eee.
“No, no I won’t partake in this meaningless war!” B_Eee talked back. “You said ‘Are you in or out’ well I say I’m out, O-U-T, out!” Birdo_Eee then turned back on her and left the shack. Everyone looked at the exit B_Eee came out of.
“Well fine, we don’t need you!” Lati shouted with rage even though Birdo_Eee couldn’t hear her. “Anyone else got a problem?” she asked as her rage started to subside. Everyone then shock their heads. “Good, we attack tomorrow and I mean it.” She ended.
. . .
The date is March 7th 2009, and the time is 1:36 p.m. PPN has welcomed 7 new people from the pop music night.
“Chris, your idea of having a pop music was possibly the best idea of the year.” Deux said to Chris. Chris nodded to Deus’s statement then turned to Shin and CharizardMaster who were giving the 7 new users a tour of PPN and visiting it’s cherishing history. On the roof, Pixelwizz, Kansaibou and Stewie were discussing if Lisa and Winona switched boyfriends to see if one was better than the other. During their discussion, they hear a sound that sounded like an incoming bomb from the sky. They looked up and were surprised that there was a ball of really dirty socks heading towards them. The ball hits them and gives off a fart like sound. Then the three are covered in socks and a cloud of flies soar above their heads. Shin came up the stairs to the roof surprised as if they were under attack.
“What the freaken hell?!” Shin asked.
“Ew… ew ew, eww!” Stewie wined after smelling the dirty socks. Then they heard another sound of a bomb falling, it was a another ball of dirty socks.
“Look out!” Shin yelled “Were under attack!”. Everyone ran away from the hurling ball of socks as it hits the roof, gives off another sound of a bomb and socks splatter everywhere with flies soaring everywhere. Flannery, Boltia, Deux and CharizardMaster run up to the roof and when they breathe the foul stench, they freeze and plug their noses.
“Oh what is that disgusting smell?” CharizardMaster asked plugging his nose which made it sound funny.
“Dirty socks, really really dirty socks!” Boltia answered in a funny tone of voice.
“Everyone, take out your fans!” Deux exclaimed. Then everyone took out a fan and waved the foul stench away. After the smell is gone, they hear another ball of dirty socks hurling towards them.
“Oh no ,not again.” Kan said.
“Don’t worry I will stop it!” CharizardMaster yelled. Then he unleashed a Fire Blast out of his mouth. The flames then hit the incoming ball of socks and they burn into a crisp.
“Oh yeah!” Shin yelled in victory. “Don’t worry guys I’ll wash you.” then Shin took out a hose and shoots a splash of water on Kan, Pixelwizz and Stewie washing them clean.
“Thanks Shin.” Kan said sounding 100 times better.
“Webmaster, Webamster!” cried Ash Ketchum.
“Yes Ash?” asked Shin-Goji.
“Invaders, those balls of socks were thrown by invaders!” Ash answered. Then he gave Goji a telescope and Shin looked into it. Shin then saw LatiDog and the other users with catapults.
“Guys, prepare for war.” Shin said.
Aug 16, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf Page 358 viewsOutside the PPN castle was Lati's good firend, SecretBySecret, who was a yellow wolf. She looked at Lati who had a pale face.
"My goodness, Lati what happended?" SecretBySecret asked.
"It was mortifying." Lati shrugged. "I think I need a glass of water." then the two wolves walked back to Lati's own site, Lati's Pad, which was a small shack. Inside was an unfinished hall containing members such as a small white homo named Amber, a young, brown haired, suicidal, woman named Jordan, and a little, pink dinosaur named Birdo_Eee. There were other PPN users that lost hope during the Wars. Everyone looks where Lati and SbyS have entered and wanted to ask questions.
"So Lati, what is PPN like today?" asked Amber.
"PPN isn't going as well and those n00bs that are running it are now trying to make it good again." Lati answered with her face not pale anymore.
"And what about Deux?" asked a user named Devil_Noke.
"Deus, you ask, has failed to kill F29. But that doesn't matter now because F29 is gone now." SecretBySecret answered.
"Deus didn't kill F29, why?" questioned Jordan.
"Because Deus forgot his mission to kill F29 in April of 2008 when he fell in love with that wierdo, Winona." Lati answered. Everyone had waited for that answer since they couldn't go back to PPN since they've feared that the Wars were not over. And now that they've learned this, their faces showed disappointment.
"Well, I guess that settles it." exlaimed Devil "We'll just have to get use to hanging out here in this broken down, one horse, polluted water shack."
"Oh no we're not!" Yelled Lati.
"What?" Jordan asked. Jordan nor everyone on Lati's Pad heard her give such a yell.
"We're not staying here forever! I say we take Pokemon Palace Network back as our own place!" Lati added. Everyone never knew she would even speak of that, even on her own site.
"Why do you say that?" asked SecretBySecret.
"Because...." Lati answered and cutted off into song.
♪I remember a time
When PPN sublimed
There was plenty of loot in the lair♪

♪We'd plunder and pillage
And ransack some n00bs
With nary a worry or care♪

♪Then along came the Wars
And those n00bs volunteered
But what did we get in the end,♪

♪So rally the troops!
We were meant to regroup
And return to our roots once again!♪

♪Are you in or out?♪
Gotta know without a doubt
I'm the one you need for a dirty deed
I'm the best, success is guaranteed
♪Are you men or mice?♪
Take a slice of my advice!
You want a fearless leader, one that's strong and stout?
Better vote for me
♪Are you in or out?♪
"Hey, you know Lati's right!" explained Devil
Other Users:
♪We used to be smart, yes,
Horrendously heartless
In ravaging raids, we were rough♪

♪We knew what we had
To be blissfully bad;
Then those brats gaved us sensitive stuff!♪

♪And we strayed from the path
Of our rigorous wrath;
Now we're taking a bath in the dust!♪

♪But we'll reclaim our winnings,
Our humble beginnings,
In turmoil and torture we trust!♪
♪Are you in or out?♪
♪Double-crossers or devout?
Put your faith in me,
Pretty soon you'll see
I'm the princess of generosity♪
Other Users:
♪Are you foe or friend?♪
♪Here's the path I recommend
You want a ride to fame?
I've got the fastest route;
What's it gonna be?♪
♪Are you in or out?♪

♪We'll go trolling in all the right places,♪
♪From Agrabah dunes to Bali♪
♪Imagine the fear on their faces♪
♪When we drop by for cookies and tea♪

Come along, everyone!
Follow me!
Other Users:
♪Are you in or out?♪
♪If you're with me, give a shout (YAY!)
I'll lead you all the way,
Into the glory days♪
♪We'll begin a life of crime that pays♪
♪Are you out or in?♪
Make your choice now, sink or swim!♪
♪You can stick with me, or stay behind and pout♪
Other Users:
♪What's it gonna be?♪
♪Consider carefully.♪
♪Are you in or out? ♪
Aug 11, 2009
Wrath of the Wolf Page 2104 viewsThe crowd cheered with a thunderous applause, 3 seats on the other side of the room were filled with new people.
"Oh, what do we have here?" Shin asked carrying a microphone. He walked down the stage to greet the new comers. "Hello people, what would your names be?" The first one was a young man with brown and gold hair with a T-shirt with a cute girl on it "I'm GIRmaniac124, I like Anime, bleedman, food, and girls".
"So do I" added CharizardMaster in a distance. The next person was like GIRmaniaz124 but with darker hair and wear a shirt with Bubbles kissing Mac with Bloo jaw dropping "My name's Irakaxe and I support Bubbles and Mac". Shin turned to the last person at the table who was a little blue bird.
"I'm CuteArticuno, I just love listening to music."
"There you have it folks, PPN has got 3 new people with just one song!" Shin said to the audience. "Up next, we have I've got you under my skin by Cole Porter & Nelson Riddle!". The audience applauded to that choice.
"I can't believe this." Chris said to everyone at his table. "Pop music is making PPN great again, nothing's going to stop us!" Then the doors opened with a peculiar long time user that lost hope during the wars, LatiDog.
"What is going on in here?" Lati asked to everyone.
"Were having a pop music night to make PPN very popular once again." answered CharizardMaster. Lati couldn't believe what she heard, then jumped onto the stage and took a microphone.
"Why do you people even bother showing up here if this place isn't getting more people?" Lati questioned demandingly to the audience, no one answered. "I thought so, so just let it go. My god. Most people are in high school, they have no time for this childish site .Well, it's suposed to be childish. it really isn't when the mods allow porno to get uploaded, so, yeah."
"Hey, I don't allow such digusting things like that here!" Shin stated.
"Oh, and you must be the webmaster. Well sorry" Lati said sarcasticly. " My point it, even if they still do like pokemon. They've moved on to other sites. Do the same! Geez!" No one answered, the cricket was giving it's sound in the background. Then someone from the audience threw a rotten tomatoe at Lati, it was CharizardMaster.
"We will NEVER leave here! We don't care what you think!" the enraged charizard yelled.
"Yeah, LatiDumby!" added Flannery giving Lati a middle finger. Then the audience gave a laugh for finding it funny.
"Oh that is rich, LatiLoser!" said Pixelwizz with a hint of comedy. The audience laughed even harder, even Deux founded it hilarious.
"Oh wow, you people are SO creative." Lati said contradicting. "That is why people don't come here. You n00bs take ONE comment and then "hate" the person that made it. Just because, even though I'm a fan of Flannery, I say this site doesn't need 100 freaking pics of her."
"Hey wait a minute!" exclamated the Angry Video Game Nerd "If she's a fan of Flannery right here" pointing to Flannery, "then why do you say that the pics were annoying?"
"Some of the SAME exact moment, but a different second." Lati answered.
"What does that mean?" asked Deux. Lati then twitched at Deux's question.
"The bottom line is: This gallery's got to have a limit, but no, F29 had to upload 100 pics of the same freaking person in the same instance 50 times, and then switch episodes and so the same thing."
"But on PPN, there are no limits." Shin added. "And what did you mean by that last part?" he asked. Lati couldn't even believe what Shin asked, then blood came out of her nose for no apparent reason.
"I hate you all, so much, that I want to kill everyone of you." Lati said in a low tone of voice, then dropped the microphone and walked off the stage, then left the castle.
"What's her problem?" asked GIRmaniaz124.
"Bahh, she doesn't know jack sh*t." answered Flannery.
Aug 06, 2009
PPN Chronicles 2009: Wrath of the Wolf Poster106 viewsThis here is a poster to the first installment of the PPN Chronicles of 2009 trilogy.Aug 05, 2009
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