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PPN tales 6.JPG
PPN tales p6144 viewsFinally after weeks of waiting, I've finally finished PPN tales part 6. In this issue, you see NARUTO, Hao girl, mm72, and me. - KeppoAug 11, 2005
Not like them.JPG
"I'm not like them."78 viewsSasuke's not like Naruto and Sakura.- KeppoAug 05, 2005
this is what happens...JPG
This is what happens..63 viewsThis is what happens when I forget to feed Keero. This pic was hard because i had to get the background correct. It's not that great of a pic, but i hope u all enjoy it. - KeppoAug 05, 2005
PPN tales 5.JPG
PPN tales p5114 viewsWell, you've all been waiting for it (unless u don't care for it or gave up after the first three) and here it is: PPN tales part five. I'm sorry for not putting a lot of peoples ideas into this one, but i appreciate your help. - KeppoAug 03, 2005
PPN tales 4.JPG
PPN tales p482 viewsWell, it didn't take TOO long to finish and well...here it is.-KeppoJul 29, 2005
Keero57 viewseating cookies...-keppoJul 29, 2005
Keppo & Keero.JPG
Keppo and Keero65 viewsKeero is a...I dunno what he is, but he should be making apperances in PPN tales.-KeppoJul 29, 2005
PPN tales 3.JPG
PPN tales p394 viewsThis one's in color like i said it would be. I tried to put as much detail I could. Hopefully ya'll can enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed making it.-KeppoJul 28, 2005
pp n tales.jpg
PPN tales p283 viewsOk,ok. I drew this one, but it isn't very neat. I'll be sure to make the next one in paint program and this time in color.-KeppoJul 28, 2005
PPN tales.JPG
PPN tales p1180 viewsThis is kind of an experimental comic, so it might be kind of dumb to some people. - KeppoJul 27, 2005
Naruto pic 2.JPG
Naruto's artistic vision64 viewsNaruto's Ninja yearbook picture. -keppoJul 27, 2005
Super sonic.JPG
Super sonic143 viewsfrom sonic X- KeppoJul 26, 2005
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