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PPN tales tenth issue celebration131 viewsA celebration for keeping the comic going for ten issues.(actually nine, but I'm going to make the tenth one soon...hopefully.) I'd like to thank everyone for their support and Ideas and for giving me strength to go on with the PPN tales series.- KeppoAug 28, 2005
I can't draw knuckles.64 viewseh.-KeppoAug 28, 2005
PPN adv 3.JPG
page 489 viewsPage four. - KeppoAug 26, 2005
PPN adv 2.JPG
Page 394 viewsYay. - KeppoAug 25, 2005
PPN adv 1.JPG
page 2119 viewsyuup. - KeppoAug 25, 2005
chapter one break.JPG
Page one57 viewsthe chapter page.-KeppoAug 25, 2005
Cover art.JPG
Volume one cover70 viewsA series of our adventures! - KeppoAug 25, 2005
Pikachu by Keppo45 viewsJWTS.-KeppoAug 24, 2005
PPN tales 9New body.JPG
PPN tales p9: New body98 viewsOk! After this comic, I'll PROBABLY take a break from making comics. Anyway from now on, I and others in my comic will be sonic or other popukar character related like characters. If anyone has a problem with that, please let me know and I will change it back to the way it was. - KeppoAug 23, 2005
Outta the spot light.JPG
PPN tales p8: outta the spotlight59 viewsI know I said I wouldn't upload any comics, but here is one anyway.- KeppoAug 20, 2005
Super Keppo.JPG
Super Keppo41 viewsTa dah! He's purple because that's the opposite of greem. Purple's cool.- KeppoAug 19, 2005
Keppo's vacation45 viewsI'm taking a vacation from making comics for a little while.(due to school and stuff, but i should make one once in a while)So, this is a pic of Keppo the hedgehog. If anyone uses me in a comic or a drawing, please use either my hedgehog form or pikachu form.Aug 19, 2005
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