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Yamikari48 viewsshorty shorty shorty shorty shorty shorty shorty shorty anyway i was going to originally use a yinyang background but it wouldnt have really shown much so i used day and night bg.Jul 25, 2006
Phantom Kansaibou's Karaa - Fan art65 viewsHere it is. I messed up on the design though.Jul 21, 2006
kekko decorative.JPG
Keppo's edit39 viewsKeppo saw mine and hao's pics so he asked me to make one for him. I know the background looks weird. Jul 20, 2006
Sonic Says _____________24 viewshehJul 11, 2006
bad dentist.JPG
Bad Dentist28 viewsTake a good look.Jul 11, 2006
WTF?!?!23 viewsJul 11, 2006
pervy sonuc.JPG
*Gasp* Sonic! 0.0 (version two)52 viewsheheheh.....Jul 10, 2006
another yamikari edit.JPG
Yamikari Edit of an edit O.O (sonic style)47 viewsyin yang backgroundJul 10, 2006
Latidog sonic style (new type)53 viewsI did this pic for Hao girl/Latidog and in my opinion its better than my own picture. ><;Jul 10, 2006
Yamikari pic edit.JPG
Yamikari Sonic Style53 viewsYeah, I used the tails screen from episode seven to make this. It was a pain, but it came out awesome.


^^^^that's the link to the screenshot. Copy and paste it to the address bar.
Jul 09, 2006
amy express.PNG
the sonic express XD41 viewsthis is what i use for my profile background on www.youtube.com where i make my dubs. It's a fun pic so i uploaded it here too. X3Jun 30, 2006
My gaian fox form.23 viewsyeah, this shizzles on mah siggy at gaia. X3Jun 30, 2006
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