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cute sonamy.PNG
Sonamy beach40 viewsnew sonamy. Yeah, I'm a sonamy fan. Sue me. no wait don't sue me. Im broke.Jun 17, 2006
amy red and black.JPG
Red and black actually62 viewsNot from CD3 this is amy as seen in red in black. (my psyguy fanart)
Jun 14, 2006
K- 12 years old Genin39 viewsGuess who dat is. X3Jun 14, 2006
Kitsa- chan53 viewsmy neopetJun 09, 2006
Me (Yamikari human form)121 viewsbuh.... well....this is my best. Likee the hair and the petals. X3 this is closer to my actual skin color, and no im not blushing...I have.........rosy cheeks...>.<
Rubber camisole! X3
Jun 09, 2006
a yamikari.JPG
Yamikari human form75 viewsweeee white hairJun 06, 2006
Page eight43 viewsSorry...I havent been in the mood to draw the comic right now... >.< stupid mood!Jun 06, 2006
page seven25 viewsdamn that tsu-tsu is even creepy to me. Little cretin. X3Jun 02, 2006
Page six37 viewsthat guy on the floor looks so fake..Jun 02, 2006
Page five40 viewspeace to nature looks like a butterfly. X3 Jun 02, 2006
pg 4.JPG
Page four32 viewsooooh. air pressure!Jun 02, 2006
bad sonic!.JPG
*Gasp* Sonic! 0.037 viewshee heeMay 31, 2006
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