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Page three29 viewsawesome i toned! and this is the yami side of yamikari.May 31, 2006
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Page two27 viewsyay page two, tsu-tsu's debut! NO ONE tell melissa what tsu means...May 31, 2006
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Page one34 viewsfirsst page of Yamikari compas.May 30, 2006
aww. so cute.JPG
Group Picture!71 viewsTry and guess whos who!May 29, 2006
chapter one cover.JPG
Yamikari Compas58 viewsYamikari compas is a ppn series that i will soon start ... it includes Me, Kan, Keppo, Hao, Sam, and melissa. Hope you come to like it! Tis the cover.May 29, 2006
so close.JPG
So close....85 viewsso close...yet so far....yet all of the pain still...May 28, 2006
Yamikari37 viewsthe new me....May 28, 2006
Sonic X (ms) 2.JPG
Sonic X Flare style Page two83 viewsTails cryin now... more pretty stars and pretty eyes!

Cosmo came out weird.
May 28, 2006
Sonic X (ms).JPG
Sonic X Flare style Page one299 viewsYay, lookit there pretty eyes, and the pretty space.
Takes place after comso dies. 0.0
May 28, 2006
Yaaay comments!307 viewsI luv teh white boy. X3May 09, 2006
remix sux ass.JPG
The sonic boom remix69 viewsIf youve ever heard the remix you'll get this. Also if you've ever heard the remix...I'm sorry.May 01, 2006
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43 viewsApr 17, 2006
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