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Teh Banner (new)72 viewsThis is the banner for my site which i've been making changes to. Not alotta people visit so....SREAD TEH WORD! unless you hate me...XS don't be hatin! D: By the way, the site address is on the first comment. Sign my guest book! ^.^ and help me get more hits....Jan 20, 2006
Fantasy flare kitsune61 viewsThis is my picture from deviant art. the link to the original is here www.deviantart.com/deviation/27661940/Jan 16, 2006
Nefarius61 viewsHere's all the info i have.Jan 11, 2006
halofox and demonfox46 viewsarch enemiesJan 01, 2006
ALLLLLLLLLOLLOOPLLLOLLIKLK79 viewsI'm type happyyuyutyytyytyyuuuyytrtrtyyyyDec 27, 2005
Latis screenshot52 viewsLatis gets lost in the ocean while he was following his mom. - Flare/MLDec 27, 2005
Meet Lightwave.JPG
The Story of lightwave70 viewsBy Mew Lover/ Blue FlareDec 22, 2005
Flaws63 viewsthe flaws of people i know. Don't get me wrong im NOT trying to start a fight.
Dec 22, 2005
Light wave54 viewssonic's new son lightwaveDec 21, 2005
Here PPL317 viewsDec 21, 2005
You can't look at this and tell me he's not drunk...42 viewsHe is! Dec 15, 2005
amys got a knife!.JPG
Amy's got a knife!64 viewsRUN FOR YOUR LIVES!Dec 12, 2005
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