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alexyuly japanese noodles.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail noodles174 viewsJapanese Food!
Its one of our best sells!!
Jan 30, 2004
alexyuly chips.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail Chips150 viewsWe even provide you with junk food!Jan 30, 2004
alexyuly bbq.png
Cooking Huntail---BBQed Huntail189 viewsBarbeque! Jan 30, 2004
alexyuly and chips.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail and chips138 viewsFish and chips! Hm......Jan 30, 2004
alesyuly dumplings.png
Cooking Huntail---Huntail Dumplings!!153 viewsThey are Chinese food and are delicious!Jan 30, 2004
Entrance!188 viewsCome on! Have a meal here!Jan 30, 2004
Cooking Huntail---restaurant01154 viewsHa! Our enormous Huntail Meat restaurant!Jan 30, 2004
Anonymous Is JYNX.jpg
What?250 viewsHer name is in fact...Fierce Sneasel XDJan 30, 2004
MisdreavusMorph01240 viewsYou use prevent ghost stickers against me?
I use swear word stickers against you!
Jan 16, 2004
GardevoirMorph01291 viewsLike my ballet costume?Jan 16, 2004
JynxMorph01239 viewsHi!
Curled my hair lately.
Jan 16, 2004
HuntailMorph01 (M)218 viewsI swim I swim...I swim swim swim...Jan 16, 2004
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