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Last additions - Charizard Master
Dawn and Marley78 viewsApr 23, 2009
Marley and ArmedDragoon99 viewsCharizard Master: Here ya go! Edited.Mar 03, 2009
Marley and Cheryl98 viewsFeb 27, 2009
Charizard Master's Shippings126 viewsI am Glorinor, another friend of Charizard Master. He told some awsome shippings! Here they are:

Liza + Charizard Master= Heat Wave shipping
F29 + Dawn= Cool Beauty shipping
Charizard Master + Prima = Firey Ice shipping
Charizard Master + Queen Rin= Fire Royalty shipping
Jasmine + Clair + Charizard Master= Firey Steel Dragon shipping
Shelly + Charizard Master= Watery Fire shipping
Charizard Master + Pike Queen Lucy= Fire Luck shipping
Cynthina + Chaizard Master= Fire Victory shipping
Lady Tsunade + Charizard Master= Loyal Fire shipping
All female members + Charizard Master= Crazy Fire Chaos shipping
Jun 04, 2008
Emperor_Quintana answers113 viewsI am Dragor, friend of Charizard Master. The answers for the questions of Emperor_Quintana are given to me by my friend. Here they are:

Answer #1: Charizard Master is not sure about it...

Answer #2: Fer 1 year like my friend.

Answer #3: He just thinks it is just plain waste of time and ridiculous!

Answer #4: He knew Charizard Master for 1 year.

Answer #5: That I can't answer...sorry about that.
May 18, 2008
My answers129 viewsCharizard Master: The answers are fer #1 and 2: Fer 1 year that I have been here and liked Flannery since.
Fer #3: DID is just platitudinous! There is no sense of it at all.
#4 answer: Yes! Born in England on December 7, 1989.
Answer fer #5: A self-devotional, inoffensive, benevolence person.
May 02, 2008
Unknown Girl72 viewsCharizard Master: I need to know this girl's name. She's NOT from Neo Ranga. I need some information about her. Thank you!Apr 15, 2008
Look inside! What a surpise!100 viewsErika: What are you two doing? Snorunt: Nothing. Bellossom: What he said! Nothing...Feb 29, 2008
Officer Jennys79 viewsOfficer Jenny: Anybody will be taken in hand cuffs if they do anything stupid! We follow Charizard Master's orders because we work for HIM! That's final! Get it?!Feb 28, 2008
The Union Jack86 viewsThe flag that I was born under!Feb 19, 2008
Scared? 76 viewsCharizard Master: They're freaked out becuz Brock was, should I say, taken out! Dec 11, 2007
The Famous King Cobra33 viewsDrop for drop, a king cobra’s venom is actually less lethal than a common cobra’s. The king more than makes up for it by delivering more venom per bite—as much as .2 fluid ounces (7 milliliters) of liquid.
That’s enough to kill an elephant, or 20 people.
Dec 06, 2007
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