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Benito Mussolini in Military Uniform77 viewsBenito Mussolini, the Man of FascismDec 20, 2007
The Death Star24 viewsThe Death Star: the Galactic Empire's most prized battle station, a stormtrooper's most boring assignment tool, and the Emperor's favorite toy.Dec 20, 2007
Mount Darthmore57 viewsA Mt. Rushmore parody, replacing the US Presidents with Sith Lords. Cool, huh?Dec 20, 2007
My Hero, Emperor Palpatine, In The Flesh!27 viewsEmperor Palpatine, Late Founder of the Former Galactic Empire: pray for us...Dec 20, 2007
The Eclipse: the Emperor's Tricked-Out Flight17 viewsMy late hero, Emperor Palpatine (perhaps his clone), used to own it, but someday, it shall be mine...Dec 20, 2007
Stormtrooper60 viewsA cool-looking Imperial Stortrooper is watching your every move...Sep 28, 2007
Imperial Insignia (Gold)23 viewsAnother Imperial insignia that deserves the utmost respect.Sep 28, 2007
Imperal Insignia (Chrome)23 viewsMy favorite insignia. The Empire sports it. Period.Sep 28, 2007
Ken Sugimori: Well-Known Pokemon Illustrator145 viewsOf all my favorite and awe-inspiring illustrators, Ken Sugimori is one of them!Sep 28, 2007
Benito Mussolini on the face of "Life" Magazine66 viewsOne of my favorite authority figures (and most feared Fascist dictator known in world history),Sep 28, 2007
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