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Original Deux pic58 viewsNew Deux
Made by KAZEcoyote as a B-day gift and Art-Trade
May 08, 2009
Deux BG53 viewssoemthing I made in Photoshop
for my Desktop.
Thought Id'
May 08, 2009
The new looking Deux59 viewsThsi pic was actully slightly editted, the actual pic was made by my awesome friend KAZEcoyote.

I just did so sprucing.
May 08, 2009
Solty eating a Hamburgah'96 viewsSolty's awesome.
Nuff said.
May 07, 2009
My New logo53 viewsJust checking up on this place.
and brought my newest personal logo with me.

It also represents the NeoDammerai' peopl
May 07, 2009
lolwhut.96 viewsHAI GAIS!Dec 06, 2008
Spirit Glare65 views..........Dec 06, 2008
BDG glowy eye icon62 views.....Dec 06, 2008
Bomberman Caramelldansen30 viewsJust passing by..Dec 06, 2008
Z-glow25 viewsBoredom ensues.
Just dropping by.
Dec 06, 2008
Old...and new news.....55 viewsOld news: I've been back and home for a while, the new news is I'm leaving PPN to DA. I still come to this site every once and awhile but mainly all my stuff for Deus will be on DA from now on. I you want to talk to me do it on DA, YT, NG, or my website. Thank you and see you guys later....Jul 22, 2008
!!!WTF!!!!118 viewsUh..yeah...crazy story.....I was lookin' through Phantom Kansaibou pics and saw his faces pic... and well..I had a very devilish...idea..-_- I added Deus and his Neodammerus form in Kans Humaniod Project thingy....I couldn't make them the exact size and well I failed...Please Kan if your reading please don't sue me...I was just having a little fun... Durgghhhh....Jun 28, 2008
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