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Yongarry98 viewsThat korean monster is back to make some noise, W00T!!! the leviathan is a house cat compared to this guy! Aug 05, 2008
Me-Uberzaraptor88 viewsThe stick figure Mr.lolz you see is a hoax, my true form is a velicraptor, THE MIGHTY UBERZARAPTOR!!!!! XDAug 05, 2008
What Boltia really looks like.99 viewsYep some idiot just stuck pieces of random pokemon together and then inverted the colors, and claimed: TIS THE LIGHTNING GOD POKEMON!!!!! yeah. Bad quality edits.Jul 23, 2008
The challenge: Covenent_Zero vs F29158 viewsAlright, I have decided upon a challenge between my good friend Covenent_Zero and The infamous F29. These sets of challenges will prove to see who the better artist out of both of them is. The challenges are:

Hand Drawing
Objective: You must free draw with your pencil and draw a pic of yourselves (ex. Covenent_Zero would draw a pic of his Covenant self.) You may color it or not.

Pixel Art
Objective: Now you must draw a new pic again but this time. In Paint or any program you choose, it may not be hand drawn. It must be colored.

Sprite Comics:
Objective: Using only paint, you must create a short sprite comic. This is the only challenge where you may use other artists drawings to add to your own comic. As long as you give proper credit to whosoever made it. Also you must be in your own comic.

1. No hentai, yaoi, porn, yuri, vore, DID, or that weight gaining thing.
2. No voting for yourself those who partake in these challenges cannot vote for themselves.
3. Guests must vote on their favorite artist in the comment section, you may only vote once.
4. Votes will tallied up when the both challengers submit pics and other users have voted. The challenger with the most votes at the end of the 3-day voting period wins that challenge.
5. The Winner will be declared after all challenges are complete.
6. Also you may not take or recolor another artists work and claim as your own. If you do, you are disqualified.

If You want to accept please say agree in the comments section.
Jul 02, 2008
PPN tales Mr. Lolz's Awesome bot mech.120 viewswould have posted these on the board but I didn't have enough time. these are probaly gonna be in PPN tales. But this what me Mr.lolz is gonna lookz like in a battle Mech suit. LOOOOOOOLZZZ OUT!!Jun 23, 2008
awesomeosaurus78 viewsOh thAT Friggin Awesomeosaurus. He P4#WNS N00bsies with his Flirez breth. LOLZJun 14, 2008
Uberbot 78 viewsMy robot charrie. Floats in the air and has a robotic voice. LOLZJun 14, 2008
Hauzer76 viewsIts that beastly Dinosaur thing Hauzer from Red Earth. LOLZJun 14, 2008
Crazy Tiki Joe35 viewsI'm making some original characters now and This is my first one Crazy Tiki Joe. My jamaican Tiki man who owns with awesomeness. This is what a true awesome Character is.Jun 14, 2008
Rapterrometh31 viewsThis is what that picture before was a mod of Rapterrometh of MUGEN created by Aristo19. Man, what a cool Dinosaur.Jun 14, 2008
Some Dinosaur Thingy thats awesome.36 viewsDon't know who made it but its awesome.Jun 14, 2008
Dinosaur comics37 viewsThis is an awesome sprite comic series and mostly what a sprite comic should be not crappy paste and cut comics, (coughs) F29.Jun 14, 2008
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