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Pikachu Paper Child49 viewsanother one, yup, I was having fun when I got inspired to draw them and make themJun 06, 2008
Umbreon Paper Child50 viewsUmbreon is digging in the sandJun 06, 2008
Flareon Paper Child51 viewsFlareon is kissing ChanseyJun 06, 2008
Save Me45 viewsthis was also a request, I've done a lot of them, and not really anything for myself because lately I've not been able to think up of things to draw that's why I got a art shop open. But no one can't ask for something hard because I can't do anything to hard.Jun 06, 2008
Menip209 viewsthis is my little fakemon, Menip which is a baby form for Meowth. Everyone over at Serebii.net forum loves it but they love my Impom more.Jun 06, 2008
Jirachi124 viewsThis well was a request to, and the user had me draw it off from ether a picture or a card I can't rememberJun 06, 2008
Shiny Mew172 viewsI can't remember when I did this, but its cute, I think I should have maybe made the blue a littler lighterJun 06, 2008
Sleeping Eevee194 viewsthis was another art request from my shop. its a Sleeping Eevee, I think it came out good.Jun 06, 2008
Pika Meowth Mew133 viewsChibi version pokemon on a cloud.Jun 06, 2008
Rex26 viewsMy Meowth PokeSona, he's one of my few that I have. only thing I did was edit the Meowth drawing I did before and made him.Jun 06, 2008
Paper Child Meowth209 viewsanother fun one I made, Meowth is my favorite so I had to make one of him sleeping, and the thing he's sleeping on is also my sons.Jun 06, 2008
Paper Child Mudkip185 viewsand here is one of mudkip I made, he's looking out into the pool we got in the backyard, we don't have a backyard, only a front yard, because well the backyard is a pool!Jun 06, 2008
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