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Plantrallon87 viewsPokedex Data: Possibly the most deadly pokemon in the world. It paralyzes its prey by singing a sothing song, then lowers its head and eats.Aug 22, 2005
Carnodactyl83 viewsThe second most feared carnivore in the pokemon world.Aug 22, 2005
PokePeople Comic #3.jpg
PokePeople Comic #3162 viewsHere it is.Aug 21, 2005
PokePeople Comic #2102 viewsHere it is. The Charizard is Hao Girl.Aug 20, 2005
PokePeople Comic #1135 viewsHere it is.Aug 19, 2005
Notice #3.jpg
Notice #3111 viewsREAD IT!!Aug 19, 2005
Cat Thing the Kougra77 viewsHere it isAug 18, 2005
Haogirl lupe.jpg
Hao Girl90 viewsHere it isAug 18, 2005
Notice#262 viewsI sorta copied ML but I'm doing neopets, like the one of me above. :)Aug 18, 2005
My Pokemon.jpg
Me and My Pokemon45 viewsI finally got a sprite I could use. Thanks Mew Lover!Aug 18, 2005
Salazard113 viewsCool, right?Aug 05, 2005
Salazard32 viewsCool, right?Aug 05, 2005
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