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Last additions - Amber76
Ash and Pikachu93 viewspft.
Pikachu's eyes are screwed up. Ash's face is disoredered yeah, yeah, yeah...i know -.-
Aug 27, 2007
Misty71 viewstch.
Inspired by the episode "Gotta Catch ya later"
... that made me cry... T^T
Aug 27, 2007
River And chris89 viewsI hate this couple.....
River is to good for Chris XD ^^
Aug 27, 2007
Charmander137 viewsOkay I drew Amber as a charmander then I posted it on Lunapic and edited.... so pretty ^-^ (They glitters not the charmander....its better without the color I swear!)Aug 27, 2007
Riley67 viewsRandom wolf with bow
Yes... the eyes are purple.... ^-^
Aug 27, 2007
Can't move head69 viewsyeah, done on piant.
The doggy has no name yet... got any? (I'm desperate >.<)
Aug 27, 2007
Charmander88 viewsdone on paint
-I- think its cute ^-^
Aug 27, 2007
Chris118 viewsSo...
This is Chris from my rp and ff....
*huggles cause he is so dAmn cute* ^-^
Aug 27, 2007
Charmeleon stuffs44 viewsmarg. Just doodling here..... -I- like its tail...Aug 27, 2007
Mewtwo90 viewsmarg. Okjay, kan take it or leave it XD I drew this forever ago when you said your favorite pokemon was mewtwo and i finally got a scanner ^-^ So here ya go^^
Anybody else got a fav? o.o
Aug 27, 2007
Remember me always38 views.... long story....
I keep having this fear that all my friends are going to leave me one day and I'm going to be all alone... guess its because i've moved around so much....
Aug 23, 2007
Character Couples27 viewsThis is actually pretty funny....
My friends came over and we talked about all of our rps.. pretty fun...
Here's what I fot out of it ^^
Jul 29, 2007
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