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Mac OS X Cheetah & Lugia63 views
Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND 128 viewsDarkrai & Cresselia LEGEND 150 HP
35-36 of 40

You need both Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND cards in order to play. Once you have both cards, place both on your Bench.

Lost Crisis
Move 2 Energy cards attached to Darkrai & Cresselia Legend to the Lost Zone. If the defending Pokémon is knocked out by this attack, move the Pokémon and all cards attached to it to the Lost Zone 100

Moon's Allure
Choose as many of the opponent's Damage Counters on their Pokémon in play and redistribute them in any way you see fit.

Weakness Fighting/Psychicx2
Resistance none
Retreat Cost none
Deus's preQ&A29 viewsAlso please put your questions in the comment section (duh) of for F29 you may draw a picture and ask me. I cannot guaruntee al questions will be answered but I will try....
Deus's Q&A 5 (F29 again)33 viewsalright I have no idea why am doing this again but I have some questions for F29.....again........here we go....
1. Don't you think it was a little riduculous to hate merinthos, LOZ, and shadow...I forgot the digits just because of pics they drew?
2. have you been to my website www.battledragonproductions.bravehost.com?
3. wouldn't it be easier to block the trolls then spam them on YT.
4. Are you starting a shipping between my and winona?
5. wouldn't it be easier to get a seperate e-mail so you can log on to this site?
Anyways yaeah…update I will be making Deus’s human form soon.
Entei & Raikou LEGEND122 viewsEntei & Raikou LEGEND 140 HP
63-64 of 80

You need both Entei & Raikou LEGEND cards in order to play. Once you have both cards, place both on your Bench

Detonation Swirl
Discard all Fire Energy attached to Entei & Raikou Legend 90

Thunder Fall
Discard all Energy attached to Entei & Raikou Legend and do 80 damage to each Pokémon with a PokéPower. Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for this attack

Weakness Water Fighting x2
Resistance None
Retreat Cost None
Mac OS X Jaguar & Lugia50 views
Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND145 views
Mac OS X Tiger & Lugia44 views
Pokemon Black & Pokemon White87 viewsPokémon Black & Pokémon White are the first games of the long anticipated fifth generation of Pokémon. These games are due for release in Japan in the Autumn of 2010 and are said to bring about a revolution of Pokémon. However, very little is known.

These games are set to feature the previously established assortment of Pokémon, but will also contain a massive amount of brand New Pokémon.

Raikou & Suicune LEGEND68 viewsRaikou & Suicune LEGEND 160 HP
67-68 of 80

You need both Raikou & Suicune LEGEND cards in order to play. Once you have both cards, place both on your Bench.

:Electric: :Electric: :Colorless: Lightning Spear
Raikou & Suicune Legend does 50 damage to itself. Don't apply Weakness for this attack. 150

:Water: :Colorless: :Colorless: Aurora Gain
Restore 50HP to Raikou & Suicune Legend

Weakness x2 Resistance None Retreat Cost :Colorless:
Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND265 views
The Pumpkin Reaper27 viewsProfile:
This is the Pumpkin Reaper. The Outfit he's wearing in this picture is his UPC outfit. The UPC(Universe Protecter's Council) was formed by Chris in the comic's season 5 to join together all heroes as one force. The Pumpkin Reaper decided to join because he realized that being evil wasnt really working out for him. Ever since he joined the UPC,
he's been much better off. Not only does he contribute to the UPC with his army of Demons, but he's learned Kayonauph magic.

Favorite Food:
Spaghetti and swedish meatballs.

Favorite Saying:
This World is just a small piece of something bigger...

Favorite Power:
The Dimension Tide
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