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Crystal (cris) and eevee603 viewsCrystal (cris) and eevee

eevee: *looks up* whats going on?
Happy (Greek) Easter350 viewsF29: Greek easter is alot diffrent from the American easter, because I'm Orthidox Christian. On Saturday night, I went to church at 11:00-12:15 doing a service in the son of God's resurrection.
Lyrics: Christ is risen from the dead. By death, trampling down on death... I can't remember the rest, HAPPY (greek) EASTER!
4 New pkmn120 viewsThe above pic is a silhouette

Bottom Left = Hatooboo (ハトーポー)

Bottom Middle = Minezumi (ミネズミ)

Bottom Right = Minezumi (ミネズミ)
pokemon naranja version (orange)524 views
Arceuses Judgement Pebble 53 viewsJudgement Pebble
"さばきのつぶて" meaning "A Stone of the Judgement"

The user releases countless shots of light (-_-). Its type varies with the kind of Plate the user is holding (^^).

At first I thought how a tiny rock can cause such damage, then the games and anime made it look like Super Buus Genocide attack. So I'm sticking with the pebble of judgement.

The four green jewels on the wheel shine one at a time. When all four shine, the wheel glows. Arceus creates a shining pebble from the streak of gold on his head, then shoots the pebble to strike the foe.

Arceus will say what move he'll use before launching any attack. In a soft wispy voice with a touch of echo.

And this pebble can obliterate even a statue made of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay. So DON'T toy with the pebble. And it's (Ar-see-us) still.
F29 (Human Form)38 views- F29
Powers: Magic
Items: Ho-oh feather, bringing about pure luck; Sky Lord robe, communicate with Rayquaza at will.
GXKR pt1~0.JPG
Goji versus Kohaku River end(or not)71 viewsGoji:My last battle was between me and a dragon.POW!!!BITE!!!SLASH!!!KICK!!!CHOMP!!!WHIP!!!But I got hurt.then I saw half of Haku's face covered by Darth Vader.Fistdra!!!I think I killed him.Someone yelled HEY YOU!.I hope its not who I think it is.
Jawz104 viewsJawz(me)
pokemon ULTIMS trainers178 viewsMM72 has a pink snesel
F29 (wisest ape form)51 viewsF29: Heres some answers for Deus....
1. I dont hate all of DiD, I just hate ShadowX991, D-Mizton, Merinthos, and Lost1Zero because they drew my favorite fictional character being tormented.
2. No, I'm not Sean Mcguiness, I use Shin-Goji because hes intresting.
3. Yes, Because ArmedDraggon and LukeAtmey are ther same person, so I thought I do the same.
4. No, because my email adress dont work on here.
5. I think of you as a brave, powerful, and caring user. Also PPN's InfernoShipping is not PokeBeastily
Lost 1 Zero (LOZ)245 viewsVoice Actor: Dameon Clarke as Cell (DBZ)
I Love May193 viewsmay the gr8
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