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psycic mew289 viewswow! mew use psycic
Pokemon 491 - Darkrai225 viewsDarkrai
4 New pkmn120 viewsThe above pic is a silhouette

Bottom Left = Hatooboo (ハトーポー)

Bottom Middle = Minezumi (ミネズミ)

Bottom Right = Minezumi (ミネズミ)
What the kaiju think of the pic TIed_Gagged uploaded with the 64 girls51 viewsSWEET MONKEY JESUS!
Always and Forever ch. 419 viewsnothing r-rated happens but they talk about it so be advised....
A.P chapter 423 views...call me weird, but i like the end..i find it somewhat funny^^"...Oh and For insight Kevin is another one of her exs and is also the one who wounded her hand...
Q and A Ch. 410 viewsI enjoy this ch. for 2 reasons. One because it will bug the sh!t out of my friend (who will remain nameless) and two because of what actually happened...btw she IS 21 it is OKAY!!!
ch. 4 Sapcey Love12 views...okay again i was going to make the conversation between Kevin and Shipper more romantic, but i decided not to. And the postion at the end will be important in another fanfic i'm writing^^
True or False Ch. 48 views"the winds of new beginings" thats newbark town, but i improvised^^'
My demon shape159 viewsA picture of my new demon shape. Hope you like it.
Devil May Cry 4 promo18 viewsThis is was a promo pic for DMC4 Nero vs Dante. Pretty Freakin awesome if I do say so my self.
Devil May Cry 426 viewsSimply an awesome game nuff said....
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