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Gojira DVD50 viewsRatings:4/5

Bottom line, Classic Media has come along way since they first released DVDs like Rodan in 2002, and it's nice to see them become a company to look toward for quality releases. This release in particular is a very excellent one from the company, including a nice package design and outstanding menus. Is this the definitive DVD version of the movie as hoped for? Sadly, I'd say no. That title probably belongs to the BFI region 2 release. However, this release is the only way to experience the uncut Godzilla on region 1 DVD, and is the best way to experience the 1956 US version of the picture, giving non-importers and people who enjoy the US edit ample reason to pick this up.
Gojira Scene Colored108 viewsScene color on GIMP.

Gojira is © by Toho
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