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here yo go165 viewsStewie: the two gun women are ready for action.
Stewie gives Tea and Missy to CharizardMaster205 viewsStewie: *with a hppy face* here ya go Cmaster you big man. *then Frowns* Devil, I know it was you who imped me saying bad things to my best friend F29, and you imped him in an apology to LukeAtmey for what F29 DIDN'T do! I'm glad PPNsteve deactivated the comment poster because you are a Jerk!
Aaron embarrassed200 viewsHAHA
Here ya girls CharizardMaster54 views- Stewie

Stewie:I got you the gals
Gojis offer to C.Master247 viewsbad girls bad girls what che gonna do when I come for you?
CharizardMaster and Flannerys vacation to the bahamas222 viewsShin: well well well, isnt it the very cute and hot gym leader and her best fan/bodyguard?
Boltia: we come here every winter.
Flannery: CMaster I wanna Ice cream.
CharizardMaster: Coming right up!
CharizardMaster (TCG)52 views-Stewie
CharizardMaster versus ShadowX991167 viewshes the one who violated Flannery!

Heres the girls and our castle84 viewsF29: I got the girls and your very own luxurious castle in the Orange Islandsmade by me and Stewie. Also the apple tree next to it has a motion detector so when bad guys come to your castle, the tree would activate a trap.
CharizardMaster and Cynthia94 viewsF29: Have you gone MAD telling LukeAtmey you want Cynthia, he would torcher her that champion!!!! So anyway I'm politly giving you Cynthia to be another team member. so heres a lesson : NEVER EVER let someone like LukeAtmey or should I say "Osama Bin-Atmey" get a girl for you, TORCHERERS!!!!!!!!! God, smite the Luke and Lando that they are the wicked.
CharizardMaster's logo redone38 viewsI did not make this for CharizardMaster I did as a Interpertaion of his logo......
Charizards can learn SolarBeam103 viewssolarbeam is a grass move that causes large damage to Rock, Ground, Water.
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