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Shadow Fox Picture723 viewsA picture of shadow fox
Shadox Fox Human Form537 viewsMe in my human form
O.H.Claw42422 viewsClaw 42 by Shadow Fox
dark demoneon fox.jpg
shaded demoneon fox.237 viewsIt is i.....actualy its is shadow fox now that i have been turned dark....because of .....of heart hake....it is that u feel the pain of a broken heart emotionwise but u allso feel real the pain..in a way the sader u get the more pain u feel so u get darker whith makes me stronger.^-^but it is bad for u.
fourth creature  evolution (lightdark).jpg
shadow fox.74 viewsthis my fourth creature form after charmin cat , renacat and loupnard. this is where i become more girl then monster.
My gaian fox form.25 viewsyeah, this shizzles on mah siggy at gaia. X3
fox18 views-Amber
fox!11 views-Amber
kan and shadow fox in love..jpg
Kan and shadow fox.181 viewskan and shadow fox at a sunset.....well what do u expect me to dance the acocoratcha!.....i think it is sweet.
laying around.jpg
fox21 views-Amber
shadow fox (girl) human form..jpg
shadow fox..(yuna.)252 viewsthis is yuna...sf good side.my good side is an elf so b nice.
shadow fox (me in my creature form from shadow fox).jpg
Shadow Fox355 viewsShadow Fox (me in my creature form from Shadow Fox)
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