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A.P chapter one28 viewsi'm not sure if this will work..but its an ff of our rp stuff^^"
A.P chapter 324 viewsokay...This is where two new faces enter..and if you do not take a joke as a joke you may not find this section funny....
A.P chapter 423 views...call me weird, but i like the end..i find it somewhat funny^^"...Oh and For insight Kevin is another one of her exs and is also the one who wounded her hand...
A.P ch 519 views...um....^^" The song is" We're all mad" by natasha...
A.P chapter 215 viewsOkay this is a little more intuitive...if you don't like bi/gay things then don't read this. This is a fanfic so has non related qualties to the real world, please do not take it seriously!...Enjoy^^
Ch. 6 A.P15 viewsBackground info: Amber's mom died when she was about 6. She never knew her dad...
Ch. 7 A.P 31 viewsLAST CHAPTER!!!!!! Thank god!
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