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Originshipping343 viewsDaigo x Mikuri
10.gif1152 viewspotchama is the penguin type pokemon and it's cute.
Super Smash Bros (Software Edition)!!!63 viewsThis is what I called "Super Smash Bros"
Lugia=Microsoft Silverlight
Ho-oh=Sun Java
Dialga=Time Machine(Mac OS X Leopard)
Palkia=Spaces(Mac OS X Leopard)
Flannerys gym or home74 viewsLooks more like a palace than a gym,I guess Flannery lives in there
PPNs Kaiju against LukeAtmey60 viewsShin: If you want to rule PPN, you'll have to face my powerful kaiju.
Ch. 2 Spacey Love14 viewsOkay here's ch 2. I was going to make it so Shipper liked Kevin, but i didn't so...heh.
Danny is Amber's older brother and he is training to become a pokemon doctor^^
Ch. 3 Spacey Love18 viewsSanta Clause!
ch. 4 Sapcey Love12 views...okay again i was going to make the conversation between Kevin and Shipper more romantic, but i decided not to. And the postion at the end will be important in another fanfic i'm writing^^
Ch. 5 Spacey Love14 viewsOkay this is like...pg-13 and R rated writing so i suggest that if you don't like graphic things don't read it^^ To recap if you aren't reading it Kevin sexually abuses Amber and Ital beats the crap out of him^^
Ch. 6 Spacey Love21 viewsLast chapter. For this...
Emperor Quintana gets to unhood himself34 viewsin the movie the emperor gets to show his real face.
Avatar: Fire lords palace45 viewslooks like Isengard from the LOTRs
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