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Brotherly Hatred.JPG
Aeoga and Nascour250 views Aeoga is my fan character, a Shadow Lugia transpeicies.
Nascour, is his older brother, and he is the vice-president of Cipher (Pokemon Colosseum)
Nascour and Aeoga (Shadow Lugia)92 viewsThis turned out alot better than I expected
XD001 Aeoga and Nascour129 viewsNascour and Aeoga in his dark Lugia form.
I just wanna swap him across the head, sometimes.
Aeoga The lugia transpecies108 viewsAeoga, back when he was such a luvable lug, then Nascour turned him into a shadow pokemon.

Nascour is such a meanie, it makes me cry.
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