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Dante wielding Agni and Rudra20 viewsText from DevilMaycryWiki
Twin Demon gatekeepers of Temen-ni-gru sealed away by Sparda, Agni and Rudra are a pair of living swords, swung by demon hosts, searching for an owner worthy of their power. Agni is the red sword with power to control fire, while Rudra is the blue sword with power to control wind. They are adept at fighting together, though they can be tricked into hurting each other.[3][4]

The brothers are at first cordial to Dante, discussing how to be "gracious hosts", but when he demands to be let through their gate, they attack. After Dante defeats them, they ask to be taken with him as Devil Arms, and Dante agrees on the condition that they remain quiet.

Flannery66 viewsI challenge you to an Agni-Kai!
Jasmine and Magnimite21 viewszzt. Magnimite. Mag.... magnimite .... I do a good impression, huh? ^^
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