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Ally35 viewsmy dumb dog ally, heh..
wally241 viewswell i think thats wally @_@ -wdg
Dawn VERY VERY mad107 viewsShe's really mad about something.
237 views Card captors Sakura
Sam22 viewsSam, from Totally spies.
Yes. I like totally spies.
mmmm.... I was watching the movie when my dad came home and said he was leaving to go help my "sick grandmother" in pensylvania. (which was crap, he just needed an excuse to leave. My mom found out because he wrote a letter to her and put it on her bed... ugh)
Clover40 viewslol, clover and alex are always getting in trouble and same saves them... *hugs the show* (if thats possible)
I wish they hadn't taken it off of Cartoon Network.
Alex198 viewsomg, a remote.
*grabs it* >.>....<.<...
Alex- Sit, Game, Match113 viewsOkay, this episode was when Sam and Alex stepped into a matchmaking booth (kind of like e-harmony if it went only by city) while Clover (the one who is usally boy crazed) stayed away just because she had her heart broken. Turns out the machine was evil, blah, blah, blah.
Clover-anger24 viewslol, okay so what happened was Clover was really in love with guy and changed into this smart, mature person for him, but then when she had to go on a mission the guy was left with her normal enemy, Mandy. The guy chose Mandy in the end :3 Poor Clover
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