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Aoi33 viewsAoi is a Jounin rain ninja who used to pretend to be a Konoha ninja. Aoi had a student, Idate Morino, which went into the Chuunin exam and failed, and he was not happy of that, so in his rage the curious Aoi sent him to get the cursed scroll for himself but told him that he could learn amazing things from it, but instead Idate got blamed for it, and punished. Now Aoi's true identity is revieled, he is part of the Rain village and he may not look strong, but he has some good skills.
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~**Sonic gives shadow a smooch**~144 viewsI love this picture beyond words... it's the cutest yaoi Sonic pairing ever! (right up there with Sonic X Tails!)

art by Syberfox (sonadow.com)
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