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May wallpaper1768 viewsThis is a may with torchic,and skitty wallpaper!
A paper.JPG
A Paper402 viewsA paper icon.
Brock and Bonsly VS. James and Mime Jr.213 viewsDa batl iz on!(I am mispelling for fun)
Chris and Friends "update"51 viewsBy now since when i drew this, this picture is horribly OUT-DATED. For example, the 2 months ago when i made this, i was into the idea of having evil Chris wear boots. Well since i was half asleep while drawing that evil Chris now looks like he's wearing gay tightened pants. Other than that, a whole new array of characters have been added to my "show" plus a freewebs site. so be sure to check out:
Flannery184 viewsWould it be weird if everyone in the world looked exactly like Flannery.
Florgla85 viewsi made it PIXEL BY PIXEL
hello motheer!.jpg
the Skull Millenia Aceciak126 views2 many details
Judgement of Alpha139 viewsI had a lineart of Arceus laying around for years, so I thought now was the time to finish something with it.

Interesting thing to note: The region for Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition, Ranse (JP) is shaped like Arceus. Weird huh?

If you want to have a different type/color of Arceus, note me and I'll send you the pic so you can submit it yourself ;)

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F29 (wisest ape form)51 viewsF29: Heres some answers for Deus....
1. I dont hate all of DiD, I just hate ShadowX991, D-Mizton, Merinthos, and Lost1Zero because they drew my favorite fictional character being tormented.
2. No, I'm not Sean Mcguiness, I use Shin-Goji because hes intresting.
3. Yes, Because ArmedDraggon and LukeAtmey are ther same person, so I thought I do the same.
4. No, because my email adress dont work on here.
5. I think of you as a brave, powerful, and caring user. Also PPN's InfernoShipping is not PokeBeastily
8th pokemon movie wallpaper64 viewsit's mew!!! ^-^skitty5
Only For Now.jpg
Only For Now37 views
pumpkin reaper 3.jpg
The Pumpkin Reaper-368 viewsmy third form!
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