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Team Aqua994 viewsThey totally suk.... I like Magma better...
Aquew801 viewsMy mew that I mixed with water pkmn! -Mew lover
Kitori the Team Aqua Suicune334 viewsShe is my best character ever created since my first manga ever created. She is a Team Aqua Admin that turns into a Suicune every time she gets splashed with cold water. Electricity reverses the effect. She is also parentally engaged to Eusine who dosent even like her (Or at least he says he dosent). Both Archie and Maxie have a crush on her.
Courtney + Shelly32 views
Aqua Dragon101 viewsDragon I drew... actually a remake of an older pic, and a definite improvement over the old one.
Funny story... a Senior in my art class wanted me to draw a testicles and a penis on the bottom, but I clearly told her that Dragons (which I believe to be related to reptiles) wouldn't have those certain organs, as Male and female reptiles do not have external genitalia. However, The male possesses two testicles, housed inside the body. The male also has a copulatory organ, or a single penis. *whew*
piccy 1.JPG
Kitori the Team Aqua Suicune....again216 viewsI drew her again in markers
piccy 3.JPG
Kitori and Eusine209 viewsYeah, the two are in love with eachother...Well....at least Kitori loves him all the way. Eusine loves her as well, but wont admit it.
Kitori Sotomah185 viewsI FINALLY DID DIGITAL ART!!!!
Pac Archie117 viewsDont ask where did I get this idea....
I just did.
That ghost is supposed to be Maxie and those red things are suppose to be Red Orbs.
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