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Super Smash Bros (Software Edition)!!!63 viewsThis is what I called "Super Smash Bros"
Lugia=Microsoft Silverlight
Ho-oh=Sun Java
Dialga=Time Machine(Mac OS X Leopard)
Palkia=Spaces(Mac OS X Leopard)
*Glare*111 views
Eeveelutions893 views
Wings of Light20 views
Dinosaur comics37 viewsThis is an awesome sprite comic series and mostly what a sprite comic should be not crappy paste and cut comics, (coughs) F29.
Some Dinosaur Thingy thats awesome.35 viewsDon't know who made it but its awesome.
I take requests(and by that i mean: PLEASE GIVE ME REQUESTS!!)48 viewsuhhh....yeah i can do recolors, multicolors, fusions, disguises, and mash ups.
Flamew219 viewsFlareon+charmander+mew
Flarekachu330 viewsFlareon and pikachu
flareon79 viewsi dunno how ,,, but i always draw good when am sick ,,, i even preform better in school and i always get As when am sick ,,,,
Giratina's Bannishment130 viewsDialga: You have threatened the order of humanity, and betrayed your fellow gods.

Palkia: Not to mention breaking the trinity of the dragons, you have made Arceus your own FATHER!

Arceus: I am still here, my two favorites wanted to help me with your punishment, but it'll be my face you can see in your nightmares.

Dialga: What have you to say for your self?

Giratina: I have nothing to say but you can’t rule over me.

Palkia: Yet it is this council that rules over you today.

Giratina: You rule over nothing, the three fairys are gone now, nothing can change that, everything must burn only then can an Epic Darkness begin.

Palkia: Choose a path to madness?

Dialga: You take it from here my Lord.

Arceus: For your treachery, for trying to murder your cousins and stealing the red chain that control your fellow dragons, I banish you to the lowest cave in the entire Sinnoh region. You’re no long a third member of the dragon trio.

Giratina: Mark my words, when there is a good god, there’s always a bad god.
My Farewell to all129 viewsOh bugger, how do I put this... I'm leaving PPN, sounds pretty brief so I should go into detail. At the rate of PPN Chronicles 2008: The Movie, it may take a long time to finish but Mr. Lolz does die, *MAJOR SPOILER* . So instead I'll finish up the past PPN Chronicles Story arcs from 2005 to the present. CharizardMaster, you'll get your human forme, proofing you are not Beastility *ANOTHER MAJOR SPOILER*. and Shin-Goji beomes the new webmaster after PPNSteve *ANOTHER MAJOR SPOILER >:0*.As for Deux, he said he had a way of returning PPN to it's former glory, well my friend you sucseeded. So PPN has won, and I'll being gone like what'll happen in the movie *ANOTHER FREAKEN MAJOR SPOILER >:O*. But ONE day, I will return with a new quicker method. The PPN Chronicles Wiki is being finish with current info so I'll notify you when finished. But you see me on Youtube and DeviantArt. So bye..
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