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Vermillion City39 viewsHands down the best city. That old guy never did finish that building, did he? Wonder what it was going to be?
awesomeosaurus58 viewsOh thAT Friggin Awesomeosaurus. He P4#WNS N00bsies with his Flirez breth. LOLZ
PPN tales Mr. Lolz's Awesome bot mech.100 viewswould have posted these on the board but I didn't have enough time. these are probaly gonna be in PPN tales. But this what me Mr.lolz is gonna lookz like in a battle Mech suit. LOOOOOOOLZZZ OUT!!
Some Dinosaur Thingy thats awesome.35 viewsDon't know who made it but its awesome.
happy valentines.jpg
A Valentine Pic68 viewsMy freind sent me this picture for valentines day :3 L is awesome
Another Awesome Pic Of Sloth84 views^^
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