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Avatar Season 3 premire93 viewsdate: September 21, 2007
Stewie's message for the creators of Avatar the last airbender for making the third season soooo LATE29 viewsstewie:What the hell is taking sooo long,I thought it was suppose to be aired on the 21st of june AKA the first day of Summer,The whole damn season was about Anng kicking the ass of Ozai, the *** who threw Zuko out of the country for disrespect, after for many apologizes, he Scared him,only a *** would do that,Ive also had a dream that I killed Ozai with a pistol,then that no good Azula had to shoot me in the back,then when I healed and woke up,I saw her and her brother having ***** on the throne...
Stewies other message20 viewsstewie:Brian told me that Avatar is made in South Korea and voiced in the US,I think its stupid.So next week I'm going to SK to do My BIDING,
Ticket and review of The Last Airbender37 viewsThis is ticket I bought to see The Last Airbender. Their 7 dollars where I'm at, so that's 14 bucks into the box office.


I just got back from seeing it today, and I thought it was great! Me and my sister saw it and we enjoyed it. 14 dollars well spent!

The acting was good, Dev was bad ass. Noah was the perfect Aang. Nicola played very well and so did Jackson. Yue/Seychelle was smoken hot! The rest were good. And they DID have emotion.

Plot-wise, I understood and kept up with the pace. M. Night had to cut some things out, but it was still good.

The CG effects were breath taking! And the sets were amazing. The Northern Water Tribe looked really cool, like Minas Tirith.

Overall, it was a hell of alot better than DBE. I give it 4/5 stars
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