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Trinity Blood83 viewsI'm totally obsessed with this show...I love it...
HallowIII Avi Art.83 viewsHee hee. It just came out so great. ^-^
Bound in Blood69 viewsI thought of categorizing this as a Messing with GIMP pic, but I didn't want to. Inspired by God of War Ascension.

Please enjoy =D
Pic is mine.
Drawn Together Blooper61 views
Foster's home for imaginary friends 2:Bloo's way103 viewsIn a 3 centuryAD the devin made an imaginary friend named Excelior.He cause chaos and destructing on earth.but an old lady fought him and won.she was rewarded immortal life by god.then, in the present bloo finds a magic lamp in a temple under the house.He was given 7 wishes.When he finished the 4,Dutchess wished she was a godess,then she woke up Excelior. now its up to bloo to save the world...or is it doom
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