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Chris Anime Style50 viewsIt's Chris....but...ummm...in anime. :P
Duatoth54 viewsDuatoth- Dragon Sloth Pokemon
Ability: Overgrow. Grass/Dragon
Duatoth can summon powerful energy from the earth to attack. It is very popular among grass-type trainers.
Numongi50 viewsNumongi-The Fungi Lizard Pokemon
Ability: Overgrow. Grass/Dragon
NUMONGI are seen migrating in the winter to tropical southern areas, where the weather is warmer.
It is said to bring good luck to it's trainers.
Patchief45 viewsPatchief-The Earthblade Pokemon.
Ability: Overgrow. Grass/---
PATCHIEFs will group together and form a giant bush disguise to get through enemy territory.
It is very adaptive, and can even live in the snowy mountains.
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