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Sonic Battle192 viewsDoes anyone like Sonic Battle?
My rp character46 viewsThis is what my rp character looks like the sword is my Sokona.
Crazy Tiki Joe33 viewsI'm making some original characters now and This is my first one Crazy Tiki Joe. My jamaican Tiki man who owns with awesomeness. This is what a true awesome Character is.
Advanced pokemon characters203 views-amber
Pokemon characters for movie 360 views-Amber
my Pkmn OC: Seth68 viewsWhen people looked at my DeviantART gallery, there's a folder saying "Pokemon OC" that hasn't had a deviation, until now. Everyone, meet my original characer, Seth! One day I'll get his basic bio up soon.
Seth is owned by me.
FireRed pose by nitendo.
To celebrate PPN chronicles84 viewsTo celebrate F29's new comic PPN chronicles I created sprites to everyone who should be in there.
1.Shin Goji
2. CharizardMaster
5. Phantom_Kansaibou
7.Metaknight (the sprites Deus made were awesome!!!!)
9.F29(sorry I couldn't make a sprite of you)
3.Luke Atmey
4.Damon Gant
Can't wait for the comic, I hope all these characeters are involved and F29 rules!!!!!!!
The Pumpkin Reaper27 viewsProfile:
This is the Pumpkin Reaper. The Outfit he's wearing in this picture is his UPC outfit. The UPC(Universe Protecter's Council) was formed by Chris in the comic's season 5 to join together all heroes as one force. The Pumpkin Reaper decided to join because he realized that being evil wasnt really working out for him. Ever since he joined the UPC,
he's been much better off. Not only does he contribute to the UPC with his army of Demons, but he's learned Kayonauph magic.

Favorite Food:
Spaghetti and swedish meatballs.

Favorite Saying:
This World is just a small piece of something bigger...

Favorite Power:
The Dimension Tide
I Care (READ DESCRIPTION)74 viewsGirlKirby was having a project and I was called to say "ENOUGH HATE!!!" http://girlkirby.deviantart.com/journal/Attention-everyone-292893857

So here's my pokemon OC Seth - after a long time - and his friend, Maria, from Johto http://kasaibou.deviantart.com/journal/OC-meme-244740192 . This isn't exactly how I wanted to introduce her, but I think this can work.

I wish this was called "We care."

I thought of others joining like commentgirl, endless-summer181, agufanatic98, andForestHymn.
Suprise character57 views
Wendy new look Colored.jpg
My friend Wendy120 viewsMy friend Wendy as her character you can visit her artwork here, but I did this drawing on my own for her for her birthday which is tomorrow November 24th, she'll be I believe 20. her and her twin sister Sally.
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