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New Style49 viewsI wanted a new style, and wen I choosed to start bringing back old creations of mine, I thought I could use a little makeover myself.
As you see, I�ve got a haircut, changed hair color, and is now wearing black and white costume.

New Style.124 viewsBeacouse I brought back old "Favorites" like DarkClaw, I gave my own face a little makeover.
The long blue hair is gone, and is replaced by white, a pair of sunglasses, a black tuxedo and a tougher atitude.
I need it.
O.H.Claw42422 viewsClaw 42 by Shadow Fox
DarkClaw, version 1.71 viewsHe goes under many names. Crazy, perverted, DC, Darkie, Claws brother..........Whatever you want. Now, here he is, the infamous and hated, DarkClaw.
This first version is without color.
Subject DarkClaw 1.58 viewsDarkClaws regular, unevolved stage.
Subject DarkClaw 253 viewsThat's the arm he commonly uses as his primary weapon, and is not a part of his evolution.
My demon shape159 viewsA picture of my new demon shape. Hope you like it.
Group picture.jpg
Group portrait116 viewsA group portrait of Claw42, Vech, Latias, Latios and Latis. I did it! I made my first group picture, and I´m very glad about it. It took me three days to make it, and this is just the first one. If you don´t know, I´m the guy in the middle, and Vech is the one to the left. You know those other guys, and Mew Lover, I hope it was okey for you that I involved Latis in this picture.
Hydro Omega Claw4248 viewsA picture of my Hydro form, without the chains. They´re inside my body on this picture.
Brambleclaw from Wariors22 viewsBrambleclaw(Bramblepaw) and Squirelpaw (Squirelflight) are born into a great legacy. "Fire and Tiger alone will save the forest" but Brableclaw faces more trouble than he expected. The legacy of his father Tigerstar still hangs over his head and he is torn between right and wrong. Love and Pwer. What will he chose? (I know^^)
A picture of myself102 viewsMy look before I transform into an Anicet.
Psycherne70 viewsI had to go through many different designs for Psycherne until I came up with this one. Oh! Btw, this was requested by Claw.- Keppo
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