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Elekid Recoloration.PNG
Elekid Recoloration138 viewsA purple Elekid
Gojira Scene Colored106 viewsScene color on GIMP.

Gojira is © by Toho
COLORhelp508 viewsCOLORhelp
Manyula Recoloration.PNG
Manyula Recoloration162 viewsRecolored Manyula.
Nachtos101 viewsNachtos(english: Nightdos)
Is a Zapdos in Umbreon color + pattern.
Animation is with Rotom Aura.
Pika_Book_Color296 viewsOooh damn I found the most crapiest Color-Pens, I sure buy some new meterial for me artwork.
But I tried :)
Enjoy my no-Pokemon with Guns pic!
Recoloration Tropius.jpg
Recolorated Tropius113 viewsThis Tropius is abnormal.
Recolored Combusgrotompmander.JPG
Combusgrotompmander142 viewsA recolored mix of the 2nd evolution of the Ruby/ Sapphire/ Emerald starters + Charmander
Torkoal flip.jpg
Torkoal Recoloration111 viewsThis is a recolorated Torkoal.
Treecko family recoloration.jpg
Treecko Faily Recoloration111 viewsThis is the treecko family recolorated.
the gang369 viewsit's may,ash, evil crazy and normal chris pic in..../ color!!!
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