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Chris and Friends "update"51 viewsBy now since when i drew this, this picture is horribly OUT-DATED. For example, the 2 months ago when i made this, i was into the idea of having evil Chris wear boots. Well since i was half asleep while drawing that evil Chris now looks like he's wearing gay tightened pants. Other than that, a whole new array of characters have been added to my "show" plus a freewebs site. so be sure to check out:
crazy chris and geico.jpg
Crazy Chris and Geico257 viewscrazy chris saved more $ on his car insurance!
Crazy Tiki Joe33 viewsI'm making some original characters now and This is my first one Crazy Tiki Joe. My jamaican Tiki man who owns with awesomeness. This is what a true awesome Character is.
peach castle boom!.JPG
peach's castle boom! the 1rst part...HAHAHA!90 viewsHAHAHA!
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