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Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai=nVidia VS ATI VS Intel172 viewsDialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai=nVidia VS ATI VS Intel
The Dark knight Sparda29 viewsDirect text from Devil may cry wiki:
Sparda was once one of Mundus' Devil Knights, and apparently took part in the invasion of the human world. At some point however, he suffered a change of heart and switched sides, fighting to protect the humans. He defeated Mundus' demon armies, before moving onto the Prince Of Darkness himself. Sparda defeated Mundus, and sent him and his armies back to the demon realm. In order to close the gateway, Sparda used his own blood, along with the blood of a human priestess, in conjunction with his sword and a mystical amulet. Pouring his demonic energy into the sword allowed him to close the door between realms, however this also robbed him of the lion's share of his abilities. Sparda could still access his powers when he used the amulet but only for a brief time. Sparda's activities over the next two thousand years are shrouded in legend, however it is understood that for a time, directly after defeating Mundus, he ruled over the humans before eventually vanishing. Devil May Cry 4 raises an interesting plot element, as it would seem that Sparda sacrificed his powers only to seal off the full functions of the Temen-ni-gru, as according to the Order of the Sword and by Dante's admission, Sparda sealed the true hell gate by using Yamato. He showed up again in the twentieth century where he met and fell in love with a human woman named Eva. He fathered the twins and for a brief time lived with his family, before he again disappeared. Many believe he died, although in DMC2 Dante hints he may have passed into another realm
Pokemon 491 - Darkrai225 viewsDarkrai
Bigger Dark Sythsol.JPG
Bigger Dark Sythsol666 viewsSorry its blurry, thats what happens when I tried to make it bigger
How are these pokemon related300 viewsCrecelia and Darkrai,they're say to be the phaces of the moon,Full moon and new Moon.
Darkrai sprites137 viewsDarkrai sprites made by Mel ^^
Dark Eusine.JPG
Dark Eusine273 viewsThis is what happens when your life is nothing but nightmarish memories...You become a nightmare yourself
Dark lati orb.JPG
Dark Lati Orb60 viewsThis orb has the ability to reborn Evil if removed from the Golden claws of Latimaster. It remains at Dark mountian, deep in the Black Palace where all evil objects are held in captivity, never to be heard of again. -Mew lover
Dark Sythsol.JPG
416 viewsSorry Mewtwo XC4, there were no other Mewtwos to to find.
The Dark Dragon Returns47 viewsA remake of my original pic of the dark dragon.
See the original at my deviantart:
Darkness70 views.....*sigh*....
Darkness165 views A gun I created called Darkness, It is a rapid- fire pistol that carries unlimited ammo. It goes along with DemonBane, so only I can use it...^^
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