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Deadly chibi...0.032 views0.0
Flannery65 viewsDo you she could of been dead if brock didnt put out her flame
Seven deadly sin chibis38 views tell me which ones you think look the stupidest (even if that isnt a word who cares)
Dead Man690 viewsIs he dead or what?!! LOL
Goji versus Kohaku River;end (or not)50 viewsGoji:So I went hyper on Kohaku River, then Pow Bite Slash Kick chomp whip!but I got hurt baddly,but thanks to regenerator G1,I heal.Then I saw half of Haku's face covered by Darth Vader,So FISTDRA!But I think I murdered Haku.Then someone said hey you,I hope that person not his dad or Yubaba.
GXKR pt1~0.JPG
Goji versus Kohaku River end(or not)71 viewsGoji:My last battle was between me and a dragon.POW!!!BITE!!!SLASH!!!KICK!!!CHOMP!!!WHIP!!!But I got hurt.then I saw half of Haku's face covered by Darth Vader.Fistdra!!!I think I killed him.Someone yelled HEY YOU!.I hope its not who I think it is.
Sonic X (ms) 2.JPG
Sonic X Flare style Page two88 viewsTails cryin now... more pretty stars and pretty eyes!

Cosmo came out weird.
Sonic X (ms).JPG
Sonic X Flare style Page one303 viewsYay, lookit there pretty eyes, and the pretty space.
Takes place after comso dies. 0.0
Undead, living as a human, dead as a......dead32 viewsThis picture shows my undead form. I wanted to make lesser details to bring out a more evil look, and it seem to work.
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