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Cyberdemon39 viewsThe final boss from Doom 3, a big fella.
dark demoneon fox.jpg
shaded demoneon fox.237 viewsIt is i.....actualy its is shadow fox now that i have been turned dark....because of .....of heart hake....it is that u feel the pain of a broken heart emotionwise but u allso feel real the pain..in a way the sader u get the more pain u feel so u get darker whith makes me stronger.^-^but it is bad for u.
Darking 2 GR.PNG
Darking367 viewsThis is one of my five Demon Pokemon I created. Hope you like it ^^ Tell me if you wnt the other four and i might show.
My demon shape159 viewsA picture of my new demon shape. Hope you like it.
DemoneBane(redone)28 viewsI redid DeomonsBane again hope it looks better....
Demonsbane18 viewsA sword I created, I call it DemonsBane. a blade with tremendous power and dark energy few can match its power.....
Demon47 viewsKeppo requested that I should make a demon out of his sonic form, and here you got it.
Demon 273 viewsKeppo was the first one to give me a request, so I give him this second form to.
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