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Stewie gives Tea and Missy to CharizardMaster213 viewsStewie: *with a hppy face* here ya go Cmaster you big man. *then Frowns* Devil, I know it was you who imped me saying bad things to my best friend F29, and you imped him in an apology to LukeAtmey for what F29 DIDN'T do! I'm glad PPNsteve deactivated the comment poster because you are a Jerk!
Dante's Devil Trigger27 viewsLike I said here's Dante's Devil form pretty awesome right? anyways this is also a refrence. Dante and Pic belong to Capcom... GO CAPCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!GO DEVIL MAY CRY SERIES!!!!!!!!!
Dante(Devil Trigger)32 viewsThis is Dante's original Devil trigger from the first Devil May Cry. Again this is a ref. picture and Dante copyright of Capcom.
Devil May Cry 4 promo18 viewsThis is was a promo pic for DMC4 Nero vs Dante. Pretty Freakin awesome if I do say so my self.
Devil May Cry 426 viewsSimply an awesome game nuff said....
Raidou hates old cars.48 viewsJust a stupid motivator thing I made about a game in the Devil Summoner series. The cars are actually possessed by demons, but it's a lot funnier to imagine that Raidou is just being a jerk.
Akemi Nakajima - "The Father of Devil Summoning"67 viewsAkemi Nakajima was an ordinary Japanese high school student. Well, not quite as ordinary as he first appeared. Nakajima showed a love for computers that could not be matched by any of his classmates. His genius and affinity for computers managed to create a portal to the netherworld, allowing him to summon powerful demons to his world. With his new "demon summoning program", he accidentally summoned three of the worst demons imaginable; Loki, the Norse god of tricks and deceit, Seth, the evil egyptian god, and even the infamous fallen angel, Lucifer. These three powerful gods created a massive tower with the plan to destroy all of humanity. Having realized his mistake, Nakajima, along with a girl named Yumiko, entered the tower and used his demon summoning program to recruit the demons that resided in the tower to fight for him. With himself, Yumiko, and his army of demons, he managed to fight his way through the tower and defeated the major demons, saving his world from destruction. He is said to be the reincarnation of the Japanese Shinto god Izanagi, and Yumiko was said to be the reincarnation of Izanami, Izanagi's wife. He is noted as not only the mind behind the infamous devil summoning program that many devil summoners today use, but is widely regarded as the most powerful devil summoner to ever exist.
Nero's Devil Trigger33 viewsThis is Nero from Devil May Cry 4, this is his Devil Trigger the Devil Bringer. He summons it from his demonic arm to bring forth its demonic avatar. Awesome pic.............Once again Capcom rules!!!!!
Vergil's Devils Trigger114 viewsThis is vergil's Devil form from Devil may cry 3, he is insanly strong and his is Dante's brother. I uploaded this pic as refrence to Deus's Neodammerus form. I will upload Dante's Devil Trigger form as well.
vergil and picture copyright of Capcom.
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