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BDP old intro22 viewsMade this intro a LONG time ago...its less than average but oh well...this to also loops so..yeah...enjoy
BDP intro (current)20 viewsThis is my logo presentation for my flash movies and games....its decent so enjoy! by the way it loops so it will continue to play....
Pokemon DP anime updates103 viewsA new pokemon episode is in the making and it could mean the end of Team Rocket (Jessie, James, and Meowth), titled: "Sayonara Roketto-dan! Nyāsu no Koi!?" (Goodbye Team Rocket! Love of Nyarth!?) (さよならロケット団!ニャースの恋!?)

Airs May 27, 2010 in Japan
Officer Jenny349 viewsDP112
Makies Baptism39 viewsI met a friend name DP770 on DA, and he gaved me permission to do this.
Officer Jenny (Wild Jenny)328 viewsDP115
same Wild Jenny
Sharpedock, Prophasis, Dragive, and Charquazard Redone67 viewsjust like ergentop, i took these monstrosities and re-did them. AND ITS HELLA' FUN!!
Officer Jenny (Wild Jenny)274 viewsDP115
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