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Android 17's Coffee Mug149 viewsThis was used for my recreation of fan made parody a long time ago.
Cooking Huntail---Saviour!!244 views"Never mind! They are incredibly delicious! Come on, I'll make you a copy machine and you can copy as many Huntails as possible! ^^"
Raichu, Ninetales, Dragonite553 views-Amber
The Truth (who I really am)38 viewslike how F29 said he was stewie, and armeddragoon said he was Luke atmey, I am really BattleDragonGargonis, I you haven't heard of me that is because I've have been in production for 3 years now. I am a flash artist and a sprite artist I have many series I am in production in on my website and working on flash movies and flash games.. but here refer to me as DeusEXmachyna, the character I created for PPN and if you have any other questions please go to the image-link and click on my website and contact me.
Compilation of PokeSprites66 viewsYeah, yeah. Way too lazy to upload each one once, so I compiled them.

Most of them should be in Lesser Sprites, but I think some of them are very good, so I'll put it in Greater.

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Airnite :: Blazvile :: Gladio :: Cagita
Sagita :: Lugita :: Kagita :: Fugita
Zugita :: Fergita :: Ghougita :: Legita

I particually like Kagita and Sagita.
The Dark Dragon Returns47 viewsA remake of my original pic of the dark dragon.
See the original at my deviantart:
Cell42 views
Dragon Master.JPG
Dragon Master501 viewsThe dragons figured out their true power.
Dragon of darkness.JPG
Dragon of darkness114 viewsThe dragon of darkness
Tomb raider dragon82 viewsIn the dragon's lair the mighty beast awakes and Lara and Draon fights to the death.
Dragonair Pokemorph268 viewsI dunno....I got bored and I had just looked up a bunch of Pokemorphs on the internet. Personally, I think it turned out well. I did another one with dark hair too, but I like this one better I think.
Dragonblaze Jirachi.JPG
Dragonblaze Jirachi258 viewsA mighty member of the Jirachi family. It uses its strong fiery tail to attack foes. The gem on its forehead represents it is a relative to the Coldgem Jirachi. The two stalks on its head contain magical energies, charging the Pokemon as it sleeps.--Latias Lover!
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