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BeRsErK sHaDoW72 viewsSorry for the shadow pics overload, but this is the first drawing I've mine I've tried to upload. ^^;
Drawn with 9.0 HB pencil, which took FOREVER to shade. x__X

Link to a better pic in my deviantart:

Elegant Dragon96 viewsAlright, Just drew a new Dragon! Female this time.

A little bit of nudity, but not enough to be heavily adult.

Hope you guys enjoy.
Aqua Dragon101 viewsDragon I drew... actually a remake of an older pic, and a definite improvement over the old one.
Funny story... a Senior in my art class wanted me to draw a testicles and a penis on the bottom, but I clearly told her that Dragons (which I believe to be related to reptiles) wouldn't have those certain organs, as Male and female reptiles do not have external genitalia. However, The male possesses two testicles, housed inside the body. The male also has a copulatory organ, or a single penis. *whew*
pumpkin reaper.jpg
The Pumpkin Reaper!133 viewsthe king of the under world!
the pupkin reaper.jpg
The pumpkin reaper-2nd form83 viewsXD
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