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Ch. 1 The Dreamer6 viewsAmber is finally discovering secrets about her past, but at what cost. A new character bursts into Amber's life and Ital is forgotton. Will Amber chose Ital over the new character or will Ital have to bite the dust?
.....great summary huh?....XD
Ch. 2 The dreamer11 viewso.0 Lets just say amber is like Melody
The Dreamer Ch. 610 viewsI ran out of ideas for what to put so this is short and bland....ch. 7 will be more interesting...hopefully...
Weird Flannery Dream66 viewsI had a weird dream that EVERYONE in the ENTIRE WORLD was flannery!
may`s dream413 viewsmay has a dream about ash-wdg
Shaymin and Regigigas89 viewsI think its real
The dreamer ch.411 viewsbum, bum.....BUM! What will happen to Amber? i know^^
The Dreamer ch. 512 viewsI was watching Lucario and the Mystry of Mew while i was writing this so...^^'
The Dreamer ch. 716 views...
The Dreamer ch.1014 viewsthe end....almost For this ff yes.
The dreamer ch.36 viewsBrady....i like how i describe him in my first story cause he is just one of those cute little boys thats really innocent...then in the third book he is 15 and all punky>.<
The dreamer ch. 87 views...wow....it took me 2 and half hours to type this...enjoy^^ Just a question here...Which Angel transfromation do you like the best?
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