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#7405 viewsWatch out for the sex Machine Brock
kanaria drama CD20 views
suisei seki drama CD23 views
Avatar Season 3 premire93 viewsdate: September 21, 2007
Anakin Skywalker.JPG
Anakin Skywalker--Yugioh223 viewsnice, huh?

Shadow kids! portrait130 viewsall together
articuno, from stadium1276 viewsjust , a articuno in action from stadium.....1 or 2 ....i don't know, well enjoy it..... byeo
batte s vs b.JPG
battle69 viewslove .v.s. flame! who will win?(duh, love will win!)-cat thing
Nero Vs Berial ( with sworn through sword lyrics)32 viewsDraw your blade
Shall mark this day
You shall pay
When sworn through swords

My chaos sphere
It rules right here
This is more than war
Bow down or draw your sword

You think you’ve mastered pain
There are no rules in this game
Cast your ritual taunt
Right before the blood lust hunt

I’ll singe the soul, as I burn all
Turning the flesh to soot as I kill them all
Master the blade, it’s what you strive for
The bait, the lure
We’re sworn through swords

[Give into me] Draw your blade
[Heresy] Shall mark this day
[Brutality] You shall pay
[Face your fears] When sworn through swords

The more you give, the more I maim
You are spirit, and I am bane
Your truth strikes through, as steel guides true
It’s enough for pride, but not enough to survive
Scythikien, Klekkliokure, and Latto redone.85 viewsJust like ergentop, dragive, blah blah blah you know the deal. i re-did old crappy sprites into new fresh ones.
Heres the girls and our castle87 viewsF29: I got the girls and your very own luxurious castle in the Orange Islandsmade by me and Stewie. Also the apple tree next to it has a motion detector so when bad guys come to your castle, the tree would activate a trap.
charquazard430 viewsone of my best sprites! pixel by pixel!
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