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Snagamandar704 viewsCharmander pic with my details!
so this pokemon is classified as a fire/dragon/flying
Covenent_Zero's big announcement.88 viewsIt is I Covenent_Zero or my real name Jod Ezericho , Captain of the elite honor guard. Telling you in order to fix the monstrsity comics series called PPN chronicles, I will be making my own PPN Pixel Art series called PPN chronicles: Zero Hour, featuring yours truly most of the members on AVGDID and the idoits Quintanna, Charitardmaster, and Failure29 which will be releaed between the 20th-25th of july. Its Zero hour.....
Seven incredible albino animals in world271 viewsIsn't it amazing how the Creator fashioned His creation.
1. Axolotl
2. Hedgehog
3. Koala
4. Sea turtle
5. Cobra
6. Bat
7. Lobster
The Death Star24 viewsThe Death Star: the Galactic Empire's most prized battle station, a stormtrooper's most boring assignment tool, and the Emperor's favorite toy.
The weather now in Hong Kong91 viewsThe weather now in Hong Kong
Ash being eaten288 viewsAsh is being Devoured by a snake
digimon 02 n 01 from poke gal mimi743 viewsisn't it cool?from poke gal mimi.
anti eat fish.png
Cooking Huntail---Ant-eat fish?141 viewsHey! What on earth do you mean?
You there, get onto the slicing board.
And you there, go into the oven!
Riiku being eaten115 viewsRiiku is being vored by a snake
PPNs Kaiju against LukeAtmey60 viewsShin: If you want to rule PPN, you'll have to face my powerful kaiju.
Matt Engarde, was it?79 viewsIf I am to understand this correctly, this young man used to be an actor for a beloved children's television show. His vacant expression and informal speech patterns seemed to suggest a lesser intellect, but there is something about him I can't seem to put my finger on. I'd better keep an eye on him.
LukeAtmey's redemption47 viewsLuke has decided to stop being an albion wannabe, accept the fact the Shin Goji destroyed DiD, and he's found love.
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