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Crystal (cris) and eevee603 viewsCrystal (cris) and eevee

eevee: *looks up* whats going on?
Aethreon1073 viewsEvolution of eevee with a "wing stone" it is the flying eevee its name comes from the latin word "Aethra" meaning "the upper sky or clear sky"
Eeveelutions893 views
Brockeevee & Brockeeveelutions362 views3 words: COMPLETE(and) TOTAL RANDOMNESS!!
Eevee #1.jpg
Eevee Baby81 viewsIt's Eevee when it first hatches from May's egg. :)
eevee sprites1073 viewsPokemon Mystery Dungeon sprites for my favorite, EEVEE! Mine is named Sapphire in this game.
Gleafion40 viewsYays! I'm back after a long time! *wonders if anyone remembers me* Probably not, last time I uploaded anything was way back in Feb.

This took me about 10 minutes to shape and color. When I saw the evolutions of Eevee, Glaceon and Leafeon, I knew I needed to make a sprite of them. The files were 80 x 80 pics, slightly larger then I'm used to, but that just left me extra room to sign it!

Please enjoy!
Snow-chan and snow860 viewsMy friend and her creation( a snow eevee)..fun to draw ^_^
Gary and Eevee17 viewsopening credits
Eevee31 viewsand eevee evolutions...Go Flareon!
Eevee evolutions in human form135 viewsMiddle three! Woooooo!!! Flareon Vaporeon and Leafeon! You go!
eevee and totodile22 views
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